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Gracing The Airways and Unruly Brows.

4 June, 2014

I am pretty pleased tonight that the airways are just that.  The airways.  Not able to be seen, just heard.

I say this because, today I was on ABC 612 Radio Parenting Panel and tonight it came to my attention that I had the scariest eye brows I have notably worn in quite some time.

Thankfully, anyone that may of noticed didn’t mention it.  Not even Mr MMM, who had an overwhelming gush of proud as he and Lil D dropped me off at the ABC studios at Southbank, Brisbane.

Embarrassingly, Mr MMM was almost a basket case.  AND he was taking pictures of me like my Mother did the day I went on my first school camp. I was 9 and just wanted to jump on the bus to hang with my friends, Mum on the other hand wanted a photo of me in the blue knicker bockers she had lovingly made for me.  In front of the bus of course.  We may of had an eye roll, today and back then. (See post pic, that is Mr MMM’s. He plastered it all over Facebook while I was off discussing healthy living. He will make a great blogger one day.)

Anyhooo… after my Boys headed off to explore Southbank, I was sent to the green room with a lovely lady  named Alice and another lovely lady named Tracey.  Tracey had been here before, she was a regular on the panel, Alice and I were the newbies.

I may of had my jaw drop when Troy Cassar Daly walked in.  All that fell out of my mouth was, HI!  Which was a mighty fine thing, seeing that going through my head was ‘would you and Laurel like to adopt me?’

So before I had the opportunity to make a twat of myself, Troy left and we were shuffled into the studio.  A group of senior cits were on a tour of the studios, so as we sat making small talk before the show began, they watched us behind the glass window.  At no point in my life have a quiet felt like I was in a fish bowl.  Until that moment.

Then we were introduced to the world of radio and I cared not a monkeys as to who was watching.  Or even if my eyebrows were looking like my messy front garden hedge.  For I was sucked into the world of radio.  And it was fricking awesome.

The interview whizzed by.  You can listen to it HERE.

Maybe you can tell me if you think I actually sound the way you think I should.  I was gobsmacked when I heard myself back later today.  Mr MMM was laughing and suggesting normally I have a little bit more of a whingy tone.  He also fist pumped my comment about him still playing AFL.  (see I know how to sure up my title of Mrs Brownlow this year)  I am however pretty chuffed I didn’t snort laugh, which is something that sometimes happens when I get caught up in a moment.

SO, I bet you are wondering how the woman that has been complaining of anxiety for at least the last 6 months dealt with all of this today.

Well that woman has a few ideas.  She wasn’t nervous.  She visualised everything prior, as her friend Louisa had suggested.  She sat a short distance from the mic like her other friends suggested AND basically she left all that lack of confidence BS downstairs with the security guard.

She also shot a bottle of Rescue Remedy.  (lets not let that get in the way of a great story of strength though)

Anxiety is just a natural emotion you know.  Nothing to be afraid of, and completely necessary in some instances.  Like if you see a hungry lion moving towards you.   So I think if you just recognise that sometimes you are just going to have to deal with it and get on with having the most fulfilled life you can, the bastard backs off.

Now, eyebrows.  I will sort them tomorrow.





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