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OUTBREAK Hand Foot and Mouth Disease : MMM HQ Quarantined.

9 October, 2013

So Lil D has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

aka Coxsackievirus Type A  (Now stop laughing and say it like this Cock-Sackie-Virus no Suckie just Sackie)

Sounds ghastly doesn’t it?

Mr MMM keeps saying …. Ewwwweee it seems so grubby.

The poor little fellow is sporting some lovely pox like sores around his mouth too which is a constant reminder to wash hands and anything he has been playing with.

Washing machine is groaning. Mummy is growling.

Last night I thought he had an eczema flare up and our GP agrees that part of his troubles are eczema but the other rash around his hands feet and mouth are the dreaded HFMD.

Thank you to all on Instagram last night that suggested natural treatments for the eczema. I have been lathering him up in organic coconut oil all day and whilst he looks like a pirate with scurvy HE SMELLS DELICIOUS. I will report too that all rashes look less inflamed this afternoon. Go the coconut oil.

Apparently HFMD is easy to catch and we have been lucky to only have the rash. (So far so good). Given that it is highly contagious,I am worried we have passed it onto others. Mrs W is all worried her kids may of passed it on to us.

And the mummy guilt round – about goes round and round and round. Mummy’s everywhere just need to stop with that shit… Even me.

Being excluded from Day Care for the rest of the week means I have had the day off today and Mr MMM tomorrow.  Apparently it is rare for adults to catch it as most of us have already been exposed to the coxsackievirus and have an immunity.  Phew.  The last thing I could handle right now is Mr MMM with coxsackievirus.  Can you imagine the carry on? And I know he will take great joy in carrying on like a right coxsackievirus.

So MMM HQ is in quarantine for the remainder of the week.  

Now that sucks cause we love hitting the park on Friday’s.  But given Lil D’s lingering penchant to lick things all over the country side it is safer if we stick to licking our own slippery slide.

Anyway, in case you have no idea what this Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is I have included a little bit of info from The Better Health Channel.

The word on the street is hand washing is in.  I love it.  Prevents the spread of all sorts of shitty illnesses … oh and the need therefore to quarantine.


Hand, foot and mouth disease – Better Health Channel

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral illness common in children. Symptoms are usually mild, but can include high temperature and small blister-like lesions on the inside of the mouth, palms of hands, soles of feet, and the nappy area. The infection is spread by direct contact with fluid from skin blisters, nose and throat discharges, droplets, and faeces. Good hygiene is important in preventing spread of the disease.


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  • Sofia11 October, 2013 at 7:33 am

    Aww, I hope he gets better soon!! I had HFMD a few weeks ago (although my sores were inside my mouth) and I know what he is going through!! Hang on! It will be gone soon 🙂
    Sofia recently posted…Caption This! v.2My Profile

    • Mrs MMM11 October, 2013 at 7:54 am

      Oh Sofia, you poor thing! He is much much better today which is perfect timing for Miss M to become unwell. Grr !

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