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19 March, 2015

It was a little hot here today.

Actually I take that back.  It felt like the fires of hell here today.  And it is Autumn.

37 fucking degrees.  And at 36.5 degrees I get cranky and there ain’t no going back on that shit once it happens.

So needless to say after a really up and down day emotionally, which at one point saw me rocking the panda eye perfectly, I was in no mood for any rot this evening.

Of course rot went down.  In a weeks time when the weather has cooled down I will look back on tonight and think .. yeah that wasn’t rot luv.  That was just the usual.  But right now it is rot alright?  ROT.

Basically I was feeling down and out and cranky and hot (cause I stupidly wore jeans today) and of course today was FOOTBALLER WIDOW’s day.  (One of two days a week Mr MMM has footy training)

Normally I eat with the kids.  Actually I normally eat a take away curry from my mate Sandy’s curry house on a Thursday evening, but tonight I was so hot and shitty the thought of adding to my hot by consuming curry made me think my head may explode.

And we can’t have that can we?


I decided to hold back on dinner, cooking only for the one child that was home instead.  Because I was so blinking crazy, hot, cranky, I thought I would wait to share dinner with my Mr.  Because you know, he gets my crazy.  Almost.  And he can normally settle me down or turn the hot tap on while I am in the shower so I get a cold one or something.

Well that was really dumb, because not only was I really hot being that it was still 29 degrees at 7pm, but I was also cranky and HUNGRY.

Feeling somewhat extremely self absorbed by 7:45pm I decided to put D Man to bed and skip dinner making sure Mr MMM knew all about it when he finally got home from whatever the hell he was doing with that effing AFL ball.

And that is what I did.

But then I logged into FB and there seemed to be a take over on my newsfeed of all these positive PUMPED people.

Do you know what happens when sad, hot, cranky, hungry people read all these I AM PUMPED, THIS IS AWESOME, I LOVE MY LIFE statuses?  They get sadder, hotter, crankier, hungrier and also tempted to report you to Facebook for being a dickhead or something.

But I didn’t.  But I was tempted.  But that would then make me a shit human being and friend and yahhhdee yahhdee yahddaaa.  (NB.  Just remember all you positive arses out there .. a large proportion of your FB friends aren’t actually feeling all that happy and are dancing with the black dog instead … so take your positivity and enlist in a sign language course or something or emjoi’s at the least)

I am sitting here now munching on smashed banana toast and a cup of tea giving Mr MMM the evil eye, all because he shhhoooooshhhhed me while Vikings was on.  He had the hide to shoooshhh me?

When is he going to learn you cannot quieten this sort of crazy?




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  • Karen20 March, 2015 at 5:29 am

    I’m hearing you! I also had a hot day with the temperature in the mid 30s. I ended up taking myself to bed at 9:30 because I was super cranky and just couldn’t take any more. Must have been the day for it! Surely today will be better.

  • Gayel Stewart-Airs19 April, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Oh goodness! How did I miss this comment. Things really haven’t cooled down that much have they? Weird weather~!
    Gayel Stewart-Airs recently posted…The George Foreman Mix & Go ReviewMy Profile

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