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How To Get Your Home Market-Ready

27 November, 2015

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New adventures, new acquisitions, new additions – whatever the reason for selling your home, getting it market ready is an important time where preparation often equals success. Here are five tips to get your home market-ready and add value to your property when it comes time to sell.


The first thing most potential buyers will do is conduct their own pest and building inspections, so ensure your property is safe and sound. Even simple things like shower leaks, wood rot and white ant evidence can raise a host of red flags to any buyer and potentially de-value your property, so conduct your own audit or employ a professional to ensure your property checks out on the building and pest front.

Rotten wood should be replaced, cracked walls replastered and pests should be eradicated, with any damage repaired prior to sale. Don’t forget to check your roof and the condition of your tiles, roofing and guttering.

Big Ticket Items

A lot of value can be added to a property via some small additions like patios, decking or landscaping so it’s a good idea to assess whether this type of investment may pay off. Something as simple as a deck may increase your living space by a vast amount, allowing any buyer to envisage themselves kicking back and relaxing at your property. Patio designers and builders like Altec specialise in patios that can add that extra ‘wow’ factor to your home.


The first image buyers have of a property is from the street, so ensure your garden is up to scratch. A weekend spent mowing, weeding and applying woodchip to your garden beds can give your house a fresh look and appeal. If the garden is a bit lacklustre in the plants department, consider a quick landscaping spree to create a warm inviting space.


A prospective buyer should be able to envisage living in your home, so take the time to de-clutter prior to inspections. Buyers don’t need to know you are the world’s best amateur bowler so remove extraneous clutter like trophies and ornaments to create more space and a streamlined environment. After that, it should also be easier to keep your home clean, which is a must for any inspections.


Small, simple maintenance items like touching up chipped wall corners and loose skirting boards help to create a quality and solid feel in your home. That means also whipping out the paintbrush and either touching up small areas or repainting walls in neutral colours to create a clean, crisp look to your property.


It might be worth investing in small items like cushions or throw rugs to have your home looking manicured and styled for inspections. When it comes to inspections, don’t forget the little things such as a vase of flowers at the entry or lush green pot plants to add life to your patio.

Readying your home for sale is about seeing your property through the eyes of a prospective buyer. Look for the faults, remedy them and draw out the good to ensure your property reaches its best possible price.

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