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I Didn’t Mean That Sort Of Long Black

4 November, 2015

Dear Blog Followers (the devoted handful of you)

Remember that time last week when I was complaining about how Nat from MILE made me the shortest long black in the entire universe?

Here is the video if you missed it.


I stated back then that I only do LOONNNNG BLACKS. Meaning coffee of course. What else would you think I meant?

Well this short conversational video landed me in a little bit of hot water due to the possible innuendo I was alluding to.  Which is ironic ..considering I like hot water.  In my LONNNNNNG BLACK.  Anyhooos… if karma was to bite me on the arse for my carrying on the other day about that particular subject,  I would have to say it would arrive in the form of a LONNNNNG BLACK BEARD.  On my chin.

And it has.

Yesterday morning whilst sorting out my massive face ache I was experiencing after waking up, I noticed a black mark on my chin.  I gave it a rub.  It didn’t come off.  So I licked my finger and gave it a rub some more.  Still didn’t come off. So I went and got my glasses and took off to a better mirror.

To my astonishment my wish to have a  LONNNNNG BLACK always had arrived in the form of a long black stumpy hair on my chin.

A bit like the never ending packet of Tim Tams I imagine.  You know the one that woman wished for to the Genie on the ad?  Yeah .. I pull the fucker out and it shortly returns.

This is how I know it goes.  Because I am smidgen away from 40 years old and I know that this is when despite all attempts to remain oh so feminine .. a lady’s body starts to want to look like a man’s.  And grow a beard.  In my case a LOONNNGG BLACK one.

Shit. Fuck. Shit.  Like women need any more nasty fuckery in their lives to deal with.  Especially this woman.  I have enough crazy going on to sink a battle ship in the Pacific some days, causing the entire pacific to flow into all the other oceans, meaning I could walk to somewhere like ermmm Mexico or America or something.  If I wanted to.  But you know maybe not with my beard.

So there you have it.  A little tale about karma and getting old and fuckery and growing a beard.

~ Love Gayel



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