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If He Doesn’t Start Sleeping In His Own Bed …

16 June, 2015
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It is 11:05pm here at Chez MMM and it has been about 16 hours since I announced to our 4 year old that if he didn’t start going to bed in his own room and staying there until the sun rises, I am going to be moving out.

Drastic threat hey?  One I have every intention of following through on if things don’t start to change or even vastly improve.

Last night I slept on 7 mm of my lovely 5k pillow top mattress.  I threw my arm out to touch the floor incase the size 12 child foot managed to get itself enough leverage to completely boot my arse out of MY BED.

Now, this is the child who arrived in our world a month early and wrapped himself around his Father’s little finger about 4 hours after he was born.  When he cooed and seemingly talked to his Daddy in a language only the pair of them could understand.  Yes he was that awake and rearing to take on life.

This is also the child who at 3 weeks of age began hollering to the heavens with hideous reflux.  Now, this child still has reflux and some nights are a bastard BUT, the poor sleeping habits formed when we had to let him sleep upright up on our shoulders are turning into A NIGHTMARE FOR ME.

He won’t go to sleep without one of us laying with him.  Well not me anymore, I  have stopped that rot. I will only sit on the seat next to him and after I say goodnight, giving him a kiss and tuck him in and then I IGNORE HIM.  His father on the other hand, snuggles on into him, let’s him play on the iPad and generally lets him dick around until about 10 pm when I am ordered to the room for some control to be inserted AND SLEEP DUST SPRINKLED.

It usually only takes 4 minutes for him then to be asleep.

Then at 11.16pm he wakes.  Walks out of his room.  Stomps his feet and demands one of us to return to his room, namely his bed.

I put him back to bed but by the time he has done this for the 2nd time around midnight, I have caved and let him sleep in our bed.  Next to me.  On my precious freaking 5k pillow top mattress.

He then promptly takes over the bed.  Spread eagle.

And that is how I end up sleeping on 7mm of my 5k pillow top mattress.

So basically, I have decided that if this doesn’t end, improve yahdee yahdeee yahhdaaaaa, I will move out.

Possibly only around the corner to a mate’s house until the message is loud and clear.

He needs to sleep in his own damn bed.  All night.

But it is now 11:26pm and I have had no demands…so maybe?

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  • Holly17 June, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    This will be my fate. 2.5 year old co-sleeps & we haven’t tried her in her own bed cos we know it will be a huge battle. So no tips here sorry. New baby sleeps in cot for 3/4 of the night at least.
    Holly recently posted…SML June Simplify Task – MaximiseMy Profile

  • Lara @ This Charming Mum17 June, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Argh, hope you don’t have to move out! We have a similar situation, plus two older kids who wake up if we try to settle the boy back in his own bed. It comes down to arguing all night vs me sleeping on 7mm of mattress. Frustrating! Good luck!
    Lara @ This Charming Mum recently posted…Puking And PaediatricsMy Profile

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs19 June, 2015 at 10:38 pm

      Oh, I was all ranty but have settled and not moved out. He is going off to sleep fractionally better though .. and that helps!

  • Angela18 June, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    Hi there, for a while I would have my sons sneak into bed with me at some point in the night. It takes me a while to put my boys to bed, but I don’t really mind that. It is a bunch of stories until they fall asleep in their bed. I am happy with this part of the arrangement though. I have not resorted to putting a mattress on the floor, but this is an option for you so he has a place in your room that he can go to when he feels the need to come in to your room. Eventually start moving it further from the bed and eventually hopefully even into his room. What I HAVE done is taking them back to their bed and sleeping in their bed with them. I have my sons bed against a wall and comfortably sleep on my side with my back against it. This way I have no way of falling out lol. But being that it is a single bed, it is essential for me to be able to sleep. This started because they were coming in every night. Although they snuggle into me nicely, 2 adults, a 5yr old and a 4yr old don’t really fit well into a Queen bed unless you don’t want to be comfortable. I didn’t have the energy to take them back to their room and sit with them until they fall asleep so I decided to jump in with them. Top to tail, my back against the wall with my knees bent and calf running along near the side of the bed and child tucked in his little cocoon against the wall. This way he is in his bed – WIN!, you still get some sleep – WIN! and you can sneak back into your own bed if you do wake up before dawn. My boys adjusted well to this and now I am only in one of their beds maybe once a month. They adjusted quite well. I thought I would share just in case this could work for you. I really hope you don’t need to move out.

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs19 June, 2015 at 10:37 pm

      It’s about being flexible isn’t it Angela? Somedays I suffer a lot of back and neck pain and the thought of sleeping in anyway but flat and still drives me crazy. The bed against the wall could actually be a great option for us. Thank you so much for sharing !

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