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An Interview With Justine Clarke, A Book Review and GIVEAWAY

14 November, 2014

Children’s and Family MMM Editor, Julie Lonsdale-Light had an opportunity lately to ask Justine Clarke some questions about her new book The Ugly Duckling.

Here is what Justine told Julie about The Ugly Duckling :

What made you choose the story The Ugly Duckling?

It was a favourite of mine as a child, it’s a perfectly simple and charming distillation of the fable in song, I’m also a big fan of Danny Kaye’s and would love to have lead a few people to his work. I remember as a child wondering what I would look like when I grew up, adults looked so different from children and I couldn’t fathom how I was going to make this enormous transformation, I also love the idea that the duckling (cygnet) finds his “people” in the end and the ones who judged him and were mean were wrong anyway in the end.

Do you believe adding music/singing to a story helps to convey the message and why?

A song adds another layer of structure to a story and that can be helpful for children, it’s just another way into reading. Whatever works I say. I used to love listening to recordings and turning the page when the chime tinkled or the bell rang. It made every turn of the page magical, the voice on the recording was holding my hand (so to speak) through the experience.

Any plans for future books?

I think so. This one was so fun and the response has been so heartening. We are going to put the song in the setlist it’s had such a positive and warm response. Can’t wait to play it live!

Given the wide array of work you’ve done throughout your career, what interests you so much about children’s books/songs/shows?

The immediacy of the response from the audience, their boundless energy and sense of wonder, the light hearted enjoyment from everybody who comes along, the hugs of appreciation afterwards, their funny dancing faces and the sound of thousands of children singing. It’s truly a joy.


About The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling book, performed by Justine on a CD included with the book, Illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom and Written by Frank Loesser is a lovely take on the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

The Ugly Duckling is the story/song about a baby duckling who is thrown out by the other chicks, because he is different.  He goes on a  journey through the wood, only to repeatedly be told to ‘get out of town’.  But finally, he finds his true home, a place of welcome and acceptance – making a lovely message to share with children.

RRP $24.99

IBSN : 978-1-74283-644-7

For your chance to win a copy of The Ugly Duckling, comment below with your favourite classic fairytale that you would love to see Justine perform in the future.

Aussie Residents only .. SORRY!

Giveaway Ends 24nd November 9pm

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  • Amanda16 November, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    I was always mystified by Thumbelina – I absolutely loved her petite size, the magic and the talking animals. I think Justine Clark would really bring this classic fairytale to life in such a beautiful, fun way.

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