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It Is Bedtime For The Kiddies … Shhhhh!

22 January, 2013

My neighbours may regret living next door to a blogger if they ever find this post but hey I think the story needs to be told.

It isn’t often they are noisy and all in all I think they are good kids.

Being one of THOSE people without children once who wouldn’t of given a monkeys to the noise I was making especially if the noise I was making was drowning out other noise I was making … I do get they weren’t to understand why at 9.30pm I was hollering out the kids bedroom window to TURN THE beeeeeepp MUSIC DOWN.

You see I hollered for a good 10 mins on and off. Nobody was listening except the rest of the street apparently (if you are to believe Mr MMM). In the end it came down to screaming out just as the music paused before returning to the DOOF DOOF DOOF again. It took me a few goes to get the timing right. (I am not familiar with that techno shit)

A couple of my children may or may not of been getting embarrassed when it sounded like I was singing shut the f up to the music rather than barking an instruction.

The music did eventually stop after my timing become impeccable at around 9.50pm. The kids returned to their room and promptly fell asleep.

Mr MMM came inside from his playtime in Lured Act (his boat.. Yes every pun intended) and suggested the music was just to stop us hearing other noise they were making .. Fair point. But can’t they do that before 9.30pm?

Noisy neighbours…do you have them? How do you deal with it? Do you think my neighbours were just sitting over their laughing at me hanging out a little old Queenslanders’ windows trying to get their attention. Yeah ? I think so too.

Maybe I should just ask for their mobile numbers so I can just text them next time…

Something like this..


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  • Aunty Mogg23 January, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Lol you always give me a good giggle! I think once – a long time ago – I was your next door neighbour – I used to get the ‘knowing look’ from my beloved neighbours! It’s like Karma – neighbour noise- our dear neighbour got us back by developing a smokers cough at 4.30am every morning while having a smoke & coffee on his back patio – of courses it woke me everyday for weeks initially ! Neighbour Karma !!!

    • Mrs MMM24 January, 2013 at 1:12 pm

      Haha … I am not really a neighbour from hell.. I see it as I am training them to be better neighbours???

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