Junk Home Delivered

7 August, 2014
home delivered junk food

This post is brought to you by this STORY.

I really like the last paragraph that quotes a McDonald’s spokesperson :

“Customers choosing to take advantage of this trial service can order from a nearly full range of menu items, including burgers, French fries, salads or wraps, and as always can review comprehensive nutrition and ingredient information on our website.”

Does that sound like you can make a healthy and informed choice on what you are ordering?  All from the comfort of your couch?

Well I believe it does.  It doesn’t mean it is a healthy and informed choice though.  It also doesn’t mean you need to move more than a few steps to your front door to gather your food.  It just means that they are offering you an option to read the ingredients that goes into the food you are about to eat, but know full well you are possibly too lazy to read them.  Let’s face it, you aren’t walking down to the local McDonald’s to eat their food.  You are ordering in.

Junk home delivered. How convenient!

You will have so much more time to do other great things.  Like sit on the couch.  Relax.  Not move.  Not consider what you are putting into your mouth.  Just enjoy that food that has come direct to your door.

Many of you may read this and think I am grossly exaggerating the use of junk food in our society. People aren’t actually going to order McDonalds to be delivered.   That people don’t really eat it for every meal.  That people don’t actually get so highly addicted to it that after a cardiac arrest the first thing they want to eat is their favourite brand of takeaway food with a serving of good old coke.  That people don’t send their kids to daycare with McDonald’s in their lunch boxes either.

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

But I kid you not.  THIS ALL HAPPENS.

You may also think I am kidding you about the pressure on society as people gradually get heavier.  Chairs break.  Beds break.  People break.

And many people die.

I wonder if McDonald’s would be interested in donating a portion of profits made with by this new venture to the local hospital for more bariatric beds, cardiac specialists and dieticians?  Hell, why not even donate a little to the local funeral homes that will need larger vehicles to transport larger people to their final resting place.

Don’t scoff.  I am serious.

McDonalds, just because you CAN offer a service.  Doesn’t mean it is right.

For weeks now I have been trying to nut out in my head a series on this blog I want to do which encourages you to make time for food.

Because let’s face it, we are all busy and food is something that we can easily seek out, smoking hot and ready to consume every day if required.  It takes longer to get  a load of washing done than it does to feed a family of 4 via one of the big take away giants and that is including allowing the kids a play in one of those AMAZING play grounds they have to lure you in with.

I keep coming back to, it MUST to be your priority.  A priority to seek out fresh produce.  Decide on how you want to prepare it.  Prepare it.  Know exactly every ingredient that went into it.  Then enjoy it.





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  • Amber10 August, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    Wow, i could almost write a mini novel on thus subject. Lol. To keep it short though… I am looking forward to encouraging blogs on fresh, healthy food…and as always i love reading anything you write…never stop blogging!!!!! Pretty please:)

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