How To Justify A Large Bowl Of Rocky Road Ice Cream

1 February, 2014

You may not be aware of this and just incase you aren’t, let me inform you that I have taken up running.

Those that know me well have probably just spat their Weet Bix all over the breakfast table.

You see, I was asked to do a 5k Colour Run in the coming months and replied with an ‘I would love to’, before I remembered how I could barely run 1k without coughing up a lung and requiring a crash trolley.

So, I have been working my arse off almost every day to get my fitness up to just completing 5k’s.  Tonight I managed it.  Yes I am in shock myself.

I took off to the gym after the kids were bathed and we had all wolfed down a large plate of Mr MMM’s Nachos.  I went a tad too far over dinner and kept adding sour cream to my plate of nachos, completely forgetting my lactose intolerance issue.   (yes by the time you are reading this I will look 4 months pregnant and be attempting downward dog to release some wind)

Anyways, the gym was empty when I arrived.  I jumped on the treadie and pondered how much I have changed.  It was nice to be looking after myself instead of everyone else and man it was nice to have some goals.  Even if this current goal could see me off in an ambulance.

Turning up Adam Levine in my ears, I took off with only the goal to make it to 3k’s.

Well I am not sure what happened but at 3k’s I thought I could do 4k’s and once I got to 4 I just hung on for 5 and BOOYEAH I did it.

I did feel I was within a minute of having a full on cardiac arrest but the joy of reaching my goal in some sort of fashion was incredible.

I texted Mr MMM the great news as I was leaving.  He replied that the kids were all being freaks and not going to bed.

On walking in the door the little monkey’s were asleep in 5 minutes.

That was when Mr MMM handed me my favourite favourite ice cream, which I have avoided for the past 6 months.  Mainly because I am lactose intolerant but also because I have been watching the calories.

It was sooooo fricken good.  It vanished I tell you.  Another bowl was offered.

Then I  remembered I am lactose intolerant and that already my tummy was swelling.

Then I remembered my 5k Colour Run I wanted to continue to train for tomorrow.

Then I remembered that Mr MMM has feeder tendencies and declined.

Putt, Putt, putt goes the lactose intolerant on the treadie tomorrow I guess.

YAH FOR SMASHING GOALS! You should try it.

Ps. To the person that said they would photograph me coming last in the 5k run…KISS MY ARSE.




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