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How To Keep Your MacBook Safe With Tech21 & Giveaway [Gifted Review]

28 November, 2014

I have been reviewing the Tech21 Macbook Impact Snap Case all week.  I had written a rather bland review of the product, saying that I was able to throw my Macbook Air in my handbag and shoot off to see my clients, knowing my laptop was well protected with the Impactology TM protection.

And that was all entirely true.

However, I hadn’t really tested the Impactology TM protection with any impact as I am a careful person and I look after my valuables.

Well that was until this morning.

And the story goes like this …

I rose early to finish off some work on my Laptop, that I hadn’t finished last night.  I was knocking back the coffee and enjoying my Weetbix on the lounge when I remembered I had washing in the washing machine to hang out.  I shut down my laptop lid to race out the back to the clothes line.  Leaving my beloved Lappie on the lounge.

10 minutes later I walked back in to see my Darling Son having a fabulous party on the lounge.  Bouncing as high as he could.


Despite diving to catch it, I missed and my Macbook Air landed on the floor.

My guestimation is that it dropped about 1 metre, after it leapt about 40cms high from the couch and then came crashing down.  Yes that was some crazy bouncing my kid was doing on the lounge.

What followed was about 4 gut wrenching minutes waiting to see if she would fire back up and ever work again.

Turns out there was no need to worry.

Impactology TM saved the day.  Thank you Tech21.


I love the slim line Macbook Air Tech21 Impact Snap Case and even more so after my dearest lappie took flight this morning and still lives to tell the story.


Now for your chance to win your own piece of Tech21 Impactology awesomeness for yourself, all you need to do is  Like the MMM Facebook Tech21 review post AND comment either on this blog post below or the Facebook post with your worst ‘technology accident’.

Please also include the Tech21 Impactology product that you would like to win from the list below.

1 x Tech21 Clear iPhone 5/5s Impact Shell case with Impact Shield screen protector.

1 x Tech21 Smokey iPhone 5/5s Impact Shell case with Impact Shield screen protector.

1 x Tech21 Pink iPad Mini Impact Mesh Case

1 x Tech21 Blue iPad 2/3/4 Impact Mesh Case

1 x Tech21 Clear iPad Air Impact Mesh Case

1 x Tech21 Pink Macbook Pro 13″ Impact Snap Case [top prize]

This competition will end on Sunday 7th of December at 9pm and is only open to Australian Residents.

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  • Dakota Morgan5 December, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Dropping my phone on my friends drive way, while it was flat, I went to charge it and nothing went on, friend saying it’s proberly really flat. After two hours on charge still a black screen, I knew something of not right, tried ringing, this baby was not turning on. No smashed screen, but on impact it disconnect a thingy in the thingy haha. End result no phone for a week and $200 worth of damage.

    MacBook 13″

  • Patricia Wiley5 December, 2014 at 7:07 am

    My horrific mobile phone accident is from thinking my over shoulder boulder holder was a great place to tuck away safely, while I was running a bath for my miss 4 year old … Unfortunately not … With one fowl swop of swishing the water around. …. it dived it’s self like a kid on a water slide as so gracefully into the bubbles and water below… it was cactus … lesson for the day … do not trust your over shoulder boulder holder…
    I think the clear I phone 5 case is the bomb !!

  • Felicity5 December, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Left our loungeroom window opened one lovely summer day nearly 4 yrs ago – didn’t see the storm coming over as I left for work (10mths preg). Drowned both laptops that were under that window so badly one was pouring out water when tipped on it’s side – the only survivor in this story was MacBook! The other I was lucky enough to be able to get all important docs (music) off and it sadly had to go to the bin! I’d love the blue iPad case for 2 lil men who love throwing our iPad around

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