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Keeping The Vaginas Alive – The Vagina Diary Entry 2016

11 August, 2015
File 11-08-2015 9 59 07 pm

It’s been a few years between an update in the Vagina Diaries.  If you don’t remember or missed the first season you can check them out here.

Basically, every couple of years my girlies and I head away on a weekend to the coast sans responsibilities but with our vaginas packed up nicely and ready for a big catch up.  (no sexual pun intended Queen D.. stop it)

This year, it was only the three of us.  Carly, Ally and myself.  This however didn’t mean we lacked any excessive vagina talk.  In fact, because we spent so much time just chilling out together, we also spent much time talking about the welfare of our vaginas or the person that beholds her vagina more like.

Arriving on Friday night with chests full of stress, it didn’t take long for us to be sitting on the balcony breathing in the salty air and chatting about what has been going on in each of our lives since our last Vagina Diary entry.

So much had changed in all of our lives.  Some of us were struggling to recover from various health issues.  Some of us were back on the single woman road.  All of us offered each other support through all of the words we had been keeping tucked away  inside ourselves.

It was cathartic.  Lightening.  Strength building.

There was cooking, reading, late nights, home facials,  shopping, music, dancing, cocktails and funky little bars for drinks and giggles for 3 days.

With every conversation was the wonder of what will be on the agenda for our next Vagina Diary in the who knows when future.

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There was heartfelt advice thrown around and moments of bladder irrupting laughter.  I guess that’s what happens when one of us announces she is concerned another’s vagina (soul) might be slowly dying because it is sad.  You say what Lady?  My Vagina is dying?  FUCK.

File 11-08-2015 10 03 42 pm

There was some concerns surrounding my The Cult List Party Pocket Pants…. but I styled em up and BAM! We hit a night-club.


File 11-08-2015 10 02 06 pm

Two of us give fab facials.  One of us just laid down and enjoyed because she is shithouse with all that. (Me)

File 11-08-2015 10 05 20 pm

One of us had plain old toenails…One of us is a nail technician.  Woohoooooo…Red Nails.

Food!  We cooked for each other.  Carly can take credit for this Master Chef dish. I stuck to the safety of bruschetta.  Chop chop, sprinkle sprinkle on toast toast.

File 11-08-2015 10 04 08 pmBefore we all departed yesterday morning, we promised each other we wouldn’t leave it too long before we take a weekend out together again.

File 11-08-2015 10 01 21 pm

I woke this morning to a message from Ally begging us to all head back and she even started looking for some accommodation.

Fucking ace.

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