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Late Nights – My Dirty Little Secret

11 June, 2015
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Yesterday I posted what I hope is the first of many little vlog’s over on the MMM Facebook page.  It has been something I have been working up to for a little while now.

Can I just say that it’s one thing to take a selfie or a pic of something crazy, it’s another thing to put a camera infant of yourself and talk..unrehearsed.  Just talk.

But I did it.  FIST PUMPS!!  And I think you guys and I related on a whole new level and that makes me sooo happy.

Here is the video if you missed it ..

Even though most that commented on that FB post are parents just like me, it is pretty clear that we still deserve our un-interrupted me time, with children or not.

If that happens to be between 9 and 11pm … that’s just how it is!~

Hale morning coffee 🙂






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