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When Life Gets So Hooo Hummm, You Almost Ban Yourself From Posting Online

9 November, 2014

Here is a post for all of you parents out there that think their life beholds nothing different on any given day.

On this blog, I try hard to scatter you with many things to entertain.  I mostly do so to humour myself and maybe lighten up your day.

I always imagined that this would always be possible, not matter what was going on in my life.

Turns out I was wrong.

Turns out the multi tasking woman that can always find the funny and smart arse in everything was chewed up and spat out by a virus that had taken up residence in her 3 year olds body this week.  And her posting got .. hoooo hummm

Basically it sucked.  The poor little fellow was day and night running temps.  Very tired but still wanting Mummy to be always nearby and then by the end of the week .. the whole sheebang turned into Croup.

So just to prove to you … we all have sucky sucky lives at times and the best place you can be during these sucky sucky times, is sucking it up with those you love the most.



Sick Boy Day 1 : Home from a night at Granny’s house and we are running a temp.  Panadol and cuddles .. all shall be sweet.


Sick boy day 2.  We stayed in our pjs today.  My pjs consisted of a Big W singlet and a pair of K Mart Hareem pants, which looked great in the waiting room of the Dr’s surgery.  YES I DID.    Lil D’s wore an old Big W Tshirt with the words PLEASE DONT IGNORE ME WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU.  Courtesy of Mr MMM’s brother, aka The Smart Arse.  The Dr diagnosed tonsillitis.


Day Of Guilts Day 3 :   Fascinator by Fascinators Direct, dress by Katies online.  Shoes by who bloody knows from 7 years ago. Moet by some friends back when I turned Thirty-fucking-seven.  You see,  I had a pre booked day off work to attend a Melbourne Cup function with some of the babes from work.  Mr MMM was meant to be with us, however due to Lil D being sick he sent me off alone and stayed home to play nurse.  I sucked terribly at winning anything.  I rolled back in at 5pm, a little pickled with $2 left in my purse.  Lil D was really really bloody sick.  Mrs MMM howled for 3 hours whilst she cooked dinner and attended to everyone.  How bad did she feel?  Horrible.  Horrible too, that a friend’s little one was critically ill, and I wasn’t at work to be near her.  Totally sucky sucky guilt ridden day.


Day 4 : Here I am wearing what one would call a work uniform. Sponsored by my workplace of course.  Where all the hot uniforms are.  Lil D is once again wearing his pjs.  Sponsored by Antibiotics this time.  I had been at work 90 minutes when I had to leave.  Diarrhoea had begun.  Yah for Antibiotics.  Oh and I had a bitch of a hangover from Melbourne Cup day.  A day at work would have been easier than this day at home.


Kazza’s Birthday Day 4 : It was Kazza’s birthday so we headed out for lunch with her and the other babes.   Lil D fell asleep half way through the party 🙁 Here he wears a Kmart tshirt and I wore something pretty, over a pair of Lee Denim jeans for Big W, splattered with panadol.


Later on Day 4.  Someone pissed me off so I pissed them back.  Lack of sleep and support highly attributed to this anti social behaviour.  That is my defence and I shall stick to it.


Crappy Croup Day 5 : Jeepers .. we are on fire by now.  Croup had us at the hospital at 2 am and then back to the Dr. at 8.30am.   An ultimatum of take the medicine or be admitted to hospital was given.  Lil D finally gave in.  20 minutes after the steroids were administered he was bouncing off walls.  Once the bouncing was done he fell asleep.  Cuddling me.  Me wearing a Lee Denim for Big W top and who bloody knows what else.  Once again splattered with panadol and this time some steroid just to make me feel PUMPED.  Lil D wearing some old day care clothes because by this time we are running out of clean clothes.


Shite We Are On The Mend Day 6 : We have been to the coast and back for his Lil Sisters Educational Psychologist appointment and I had even walked us into the men’s toilets by mistake.  Only noticing when we washed our hands.  Fark… then the psychologist busted us walking out of the boys loos.  Yeap .. parenting moment of the year right there.  Here I am wearing a cape I bought from I CANNOT REMEMBER in Hobart and a pair of jeans.  SANS PANADOL, STERIODS, POO AND SPEW.  yah!!!



Hang On I Lied Day 7 : Whilst I did think we were on the improve, I have doubted this muchly today.  But the temps aren’t there .. so we must be.  Plus I am not covered in panadol, steroids, poo or spew or SNOT.

So yeah .. that is how it went.

Now, don’t you ever be thinking I am exempt from groundhog day OR

Cause I have been there.  Like 19 minutes ago.

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  • Deborah10 November, 2014 at 10:02 am

    Oh yes…. although I didn’t have a sick cutie at home – so I should be grateful for that.

    I try to stop myself from posting those pathetic “I hate my life” tweets and Facebook updates when I’m feeling miserable, but it doesn’t always work. Even my latest blog post was only done at the last minute after giving up on trying to fake ‘perkiness’.

    Maybe a good wallow is what we need.


  • Vanessa10 November, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Panadol pants could be a new fashion trend, you know…
    Vanessa recently posted…Dumb Disclaimers: Laugh LinkMy Profile

  • Hugzilla10 November, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Oh jesus, those are the weeks from hell and it gave me some awful flashbacks! It was nice to see that pic of your little man with a smile on his face though. The pox on your house finally ascends!
    Hugzilla recently posted…How to Make Girls BEG To Sleep With You by Being A DECENT Human BeingMy Profile

    • Gayel Stewart Airs10 November, 2014 at 9:06 pm

      It has ! So much better tonight that I have to remove my distasteful scowl from my face 😉

  • Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me10 November, 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Oh shitburgers that’s not cool in the gang AT ALL. A rough trot(s) through and through for you… I have to say it’s the lack of sleep and constant grizzling that makes me want to put my head in the oven right now. Cute photos along the way though… Mmmm Moet! Thanks for linking x
    Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me recently posted…Drink bottles leak & linen cupboards suck – Laugh LinkMy Profile

  • Sandra Kelly10 November, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    What a shite week! Literally! I did giggle at the Day 6 photo I have to say. Couple of cuties 😉

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