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LSA: Made In Your Thermomix

20 July, 2013
lsa made in your thermomix

I have become a huge fan of LSA.(linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds ground up). In fact it is its’ delicious taste that has me hooked more than the fantastic health benefits. However, to read more about how good it is for you, go here.

I bought my first packet of LSA from the health food section of my local Woolworths pre-prepared but this week purchased the raw ingredients to make my own LSA in my Thermomix. My first pack of almonds were inhaled by a hungry Husband, so when he replaced them I thought I had better get my LSA made and stored.

Here is how I did it :-

300g linseed
300g sunflower seeds
300g raw almonds

Place all ingredients into the TM bowl.

Speed 6 for 40 secs.

Store LSA in ziplock bags in the freezer to keep it fresh and delicious.


Enjoy on top of cereals, in yoghurt, in banana cake for a nutty flavour, homemade bread and smoothies.


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