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5 May, 2015

Over the last few days I have had more WTF moments from stories of women in the media than I have had in some time.

First there was our beautiful Princess Kate who stepped out to show us her little just born Princess 12 hours after giving birth.

Everyone was like …oh goodness look how AMAZING she looks…I never looked like that after giving birth.  

And truth be told, I didn’t either BUT, if I had a baby that the entire world was waiting on seeing, I would have also had a team to tart me up for an hour and push me forth into the waiting worlds media.  I would have been tripping on baby hormones and absolute love, along with an entire concealer stick and a bottle of MAC foundation.

I would have also held my 8 pound whatever baby in front of my baby belly with her baby blanket draped so beautifully over her that she and her blankie would have shielded my round post-partum belly from nasty zoom lenses.

Do I think like a Princess or not?  Shame I would have made an interesting one.

Moving ON.


Now what was with the plunging half boob showing dresses at the Logies this year?  You know these ones

I am all for loving sick on these Aussie Lady Celebs most of the time .. but FARK some of them only gave birth a couple of months ago, many of them are Mothers and even years after starting our journey of Motherhood, us minions all know that what is normal is having a new roundness to our midriff.

I really really hope these celebs are ok.  I know the last place you want to look all round and post baby is at the Logies but cripes ..Maybe a beautifully draped gown, showing off the female body in all its beauty without having to bare the sort of skin saved for mammogram machine and look like we have been fasting for many days.

Conchita Wurst does it well don’t you think… Very elegant.  With a beard and all.

I must admit I feel like a fraud myself. I got myself all dolled up on Saturday night for a friends Vintage 30th Party and even I look back on the photo’s and can’t believe that its me. I did wear a drapey dress though.  (Because I have a pet hate for suck ya gut in underwear’s.  Ouch.)  But it is amazing what a couple of hours to get ready without any children to distract you can do for your looks.  And the MAC. And the concealer. And this mascara.


Oh and an Instagram filter.  Don’t forget that bit.

Which is why we all need to keep things in perspective when we look at images of other women online and in the media.

And that is why I did what I did last night.

I posted this ..



I posted this because I wanted to write some of the wrongs that women might be feeling about motherhood just lately.  And I know there is nothing new in that, but I just felt that seeing you follow me, and due to my always carefully chosen outfits, I rarely show you the parts of my body that are still wobbly and have stories to tell.

Now, my body doesn’t feel as strong as it did this time last year.  And a lot of the time it hurts, but I do work out 3-4 times a week now.  Mainly running.  I also eat good food and I feel pretty ok about me.


Everyday I am bombarded with a new diet program, protein shake, health guru on my emails and social media and I know if you have had a baby once too,  you’re receiving them also.  Because they know.  They know because of stuff we search on in Google which sends a green light to indicate this lady may have herself a baby belly.

‘Let’s wear her down and convince her she needs to buy our product to fix that.’

When in reality all she needs to be is healthy.  She needs to eat good wholesome foods and exercise when she can.  She needs to do all of that mostly because those two things will make her happy and in turn make her life easier.  Not because she needs to look a certain way or make someone rich by buying their thing.

And Ladies .. I know I have had a big old ramble here, but I want you to #luffyaguts.

I wasn’t being brave last night when I showed off my guts.  I was just being honest.  And I want you to also.  So if you want to hop on the #luffyaguts train and share an image of your own amazing guts…please do.  Hashtag with #luffyaguts

Let’s show the world what us real amazing women look like.


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  • Holly5 May, 2015 at 10:49 am

    Right now I’ve got a whole lot of extra gut going on haha but Babies are a worthy cause. I’ve even done a bare belly preggy selfie on insta. Doesn’t phase me too much. I accept that my belly won’t be the same & there’s a couple more stretch marks. Whatever… It’s human and normal. I have no plans for drastic weight loss. Relying on the power of breastfeeding again hopefully 😉 good on you for your share. Now excuse me while I go make brownies…
    Holly recently posted…SML May Declutter LaundryMy Profile

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs17 May, 2015 at 4:25 pm

      Brownies!! yes. You take very good care of yourself my friend and I am pretty sure you will be the happiest little Mama on the block.
      Gayel Stewart-Airs recently posted…This WeekMy Profile

  • tamzen temple5 May, 2015 at 10:52 am

    I may not have looked that beautiful after giving birth, but I felt absolutely beautiful as a new mum…. Good on them for looking gorgeous as do you with your belly. Health equals happiness and that’s all that matters.

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs17 May, 2015 at 4:20 pm

      Health does equal happiness Tamzen. New Mum’s are the most beautiful beings on the planet. xx
      Gayel Stewart-Airs recently posted…This WeekMy Profile

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