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23 October, 2015
australian magpie

For weeks now I have struggled with getting Lil D to Kindy.  It started off with an ‘I don’t want to go Mum’ and slowly escalated day by day to what happened yesterday.

A full blown assertion of 4 year old will about not entering the Kindergarten grounds.

Which was fine with me.  Who wants a kid that does as his told.. thought no parent ever.

So no, it wasn’t exactly fine with me that he was screaming liking a Banshie and making every other parent snigger at me (as for once it wasn’t their child doing the same).   Not fine at all.

But I remained calm.

What else can you do really?  Getting worked up about this stuff doesn’t actually improve the situation. In fact, I have always found it worsened it.  So yeah..I tried staying calm. ON. THE. OUTSIDE.

On the inside I was having more WTF moments by the millisecond than ever before.  Mostly wondering why the woman that wasn’t ever that maternal ever had children.  Why the woman that imagined the worst career she could embark on would be that in the education system, thought she should procreate.  Why the woman who disliked mess and chaos more than sand in her eye, thought 3 was her magic number.

But on the outside I remained calm.  Calm because I want him to have a mind of his own.  Just not yet.  Not at 4.

Whilst, I was trying to administer my own mindfulness into the situation, Lil D leapt from our car and I rather foolishly thought it was him deciding to comply with my wishes for him to go to kindergarten, and have a fabulous day playing with other equally as stubborn 4 year olds.


He had no fucking intention.

Instead, my little boy took off running across the paddock screaming he was going back home.  Albeit in the wrong direction .. but who was I to argue with the child that seemed to know exactly what was best for him.  So I followed along behind.  Mainly to ensure nothing attacked him.

Then something did.

Now, you all know I hate birds hey?  You can read something about it here.  So seeing 3 rather pissed off magpies flying out of their nests towards my little boy,who was still screaming to the universe that he wasn’t going to kindy was RATHER TRAUMATIC.

I joked once with a friend that had his young kids around the day they saw an eagle take a duck, that if that had of been me there, I would grabbed the two kids and ran for safety fearing the eagle may steal the children.  Well in all truth when faced with a similar fate with the magpies and my son, I was unable to move.  Not that the magpies were going to pick up the 18kg body of noise pollution.  But he was about to get a god awful live pecking.

I did all that I could. Truly I did.

And that was.


Take a picture.  If you look very carefully (had to edit the crap out of this shot as I wasn’t game to move closer to capture the event better) you will see Lil D and at least 1 magpie in a jive for gum tree authority.  Only Lil D didn’t really want the gum tree.  He actually just wanted to go home. But the magpies weren’t to know that.  They thought their nests were under fire.  And in all intense purposes the noise that was going on .. it did sound like an assault.

You might be wondering what I did do to save the situation.   You’re possibly hoping I did do something because very clearly being stuck in one spot, it did look like I was unable to help.

Well I did what anyone with a bird phobia would do…

I yelled .. Darcy get back over here now before those birds peck your eyes out.

Worked a treat.

A few minutes later we had entered the safety of the kindergarten and even though he was still very upset about the whole situation.  I left him and made haste to my car holding back the fear of those beady little eyes watching me .  (The magpies not child)


This morning we returned to kindergarten.  With no tears.  No carry on even.  Just a little dance and a smile as he ejected from the car.

I was stunned.  We have had tantrums for about 8 weeks now. It has been hard.  Really hard.  I thought I had tried everything in my book of tricks to call bullshit on the behaviour but everything had failed…until what I will now call Magpie Therapy.

It has left me thinking about Tom’s post today on natural consequence.

My word it works hey.  I wasn’t really to know how everything was to play out yesterday and I do hope my son isn’t scared of birds like I am from now on .. but my god I AM PLEASED TO NOT BE TAKING THE DEVIL TO SCHOOL on a daily basis.  And I am pretty sure the teachers have sighed some relief also.

Also .. in other news.  Kindy have been hatching baby chickens from eggs.  We can take 2 home if we want.

Guess what?  Apparently we want.

You know I hate birds right?




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