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How To Make Perfect Eggs – With Wiltshire Poachies [Gifted]

27 November, 2014
poached eggs

If there is one thing Mr MMM absolutely rocks at in the kitchen … it is poached eggs.  I am not so flash with making them, but he on the other hand, I can report is an expert.

How he does this I do not know.  So I don’t tend to cook breakfasts .. he does.  .

I find I over cook poached eggs and make a hell of a mess.  So when the lovely people at Wiltshire asked me to trial their Poachies, I jumped at the chance to perfect my egg making skills.

Poachies are a biodegradable, non stick paper bag, that allows you to cook your poached eggs the traditional way in boiling water, without having the egg leak out into the water.  So your poached eggs are perfect.  But best of all,  they are super easy to use.

Here is why …


1. Simply place the Wiltshire Poachie bag in a cup and crack the egg into it.

2. When your water is boiling, gently place the bag into the water.

3. Cook for 6 minutes, then remove the bag using tongs.

4. Give the bag a little shake to remove excess water

5.  Gentley remove the egg from the bag and onto a plate.

6. Serve with toast and spinach and a sprinkle of pepper (optional but clearly my fav!)


So no mess!

And the one other thing that I loved about these Poachies is the very fact I could do a lot of eggs at once in one pot with no mess or eggs spilling into each other.  The first day I trialled these I was actually feeding 4 adults and 3 kids for breakfast.

Breakfast was served all at once and the yolks were perfect.  Not too hard or dry but cooked all the same.


My Mother In Law has grabbed a bag to put in her caravan. She is convinced they will be perfect for her grey nomad travels.

No doubt !

Wiltshire Poachies are available at a supermarket near you.




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  • Amy13 May, 2015 at 11:44 am

    These look awesome as I also am dreadful at poached eggs. I love poached eggs as they are so healthy

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