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26 January, 2015

Organised shmorganised!

So it is the 25 of January and who here has fallen off that ‘be more organised in 2015’ resolution?

Well, I didn’t do resolutions for this year. I just had a vision how I wanted life to be. It has already gone a little to pot.

The only thing that I am organised in is writing every single thing down that I need to remember, seeing my memory has been something that hasn’t been the awesome thing it once was. Problem is, if I have too many things written down, I forget things on my lists.

It was with this issueeeee that a little idea popped to mind, and I want to share it with you.

I really and truly can only fulfil three major tasks in any one day. (Days go by so quick!) So that is all I am going to be putting on my daily list.

Three things plus a dinner time meal idea. (For Mr MMM’s benefit because he has no idea how I cannot be eating my porridge in the morning and not be considering what to have for dinner at night…. errmmmm?)

I spent some time this afternoon designing a little planner for these three things and being that I have decided to share it with you too; I gave it some Mrs MMM snark.

The idea is to include a new planner (complete with fresh snark) on this weekly email. Something you can quickly and easily print, start to plot your week out and then place on your fridge, desk, bedside table etc..

So here it is…Download and enjoy.

Weekly Planner(62 downloads)


PS. From now on the link to the weekly planners will only be on the MMM Weekly Newsletter.  Subscribe to continue to receive the Weekly Planner complete with Mrs MMM Snark!~


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