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1 July, 2015

Tonight was the first official gym session for the Goblet Girls.

If you have no idea what I am on about here, let me fill you in…

Some mates and I have joined a 6-week fitness challenge. One of the celebrities of the ‘Goblet Girls’ runs a blog called Goblet Girl and seeing that it is very fitting for all of us … we took on the name to charge forward into fitness stardom.

(Because we like to drink out of goblets alright!! And sometimes even bottles with straws. And sometimes in short glasses with ice and hard liquor and that’s all really. Alright?)

The irony is not lost on any of us that we started our fitness regime on the 1st of July. Dry July. A period when many take up the challenge to give up the booze.

On reflection of this evening’s trot on the treadies, it would be extremely poor strategic planning if we were to take up dry July as well as this fitness challenge. Why you ask?

Because the entire session was spent on the treadies and bikes discussing the best way to drink Bacardi. Or not drink Bacardi. Or drink wine instead. Or how much walking you do to find pizza after you walk home from the bar and then discover you’re hungry, so you walk back down town and sit outside a takeaway store and eat your pizza.

And then BAM! You realise you were also in training for the Goblet Girls to slam this challenge into the wall and exit as victors.

So yeah .. seeing that we obviously need some hard distraction during this period in our lives, we are NOT DOING DRY JULY. Instead, we are going to have the odd vino etc and then we are going to laugh our guts out while we are trying not to spew our guts up whilst we are trying to make our flabby guts disappear.

Yeah. Fitness Challenge. Goblet Girls.

It may not end up being pretty hey. Kat says that pain is weakness leaving the body.

I want to know what sweat is then.

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