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Instagram Beats Facebook Hands Down.

14 November, 2013

Mr MMM made a huge statement this week and I like it.

He said that he now prefers Instagram over Facebook.

Well I have always preferred Instagram over Facebook but I get the feeling times are a changing for the popularity of Facebook.

If Mr MMM is getting over it .. I think that is a sign 😉

For me I am done with the bloody advertising and suggested pages etc etc. Don’t even start me on having to pay to reach followers news feeds. The gap between the haves and the have nots grows bigger and the people of Facebook inevitably miss out.

If you hang out over in Instagram land however you will always be assured of seeing everything in your feed as long as you keep on scrolling.

I love the people I follow on IG and I love even more the people that follow me. We are a friendly bunch, that love nothing more than to take a quick peep into others lives via their lens.

Sometimes I am so creative on IG, I almost surprise myself. Like here ..


Freaking spider is driving me bats shit crazy.

Other times I am a joke and share my cess pit kitchen to find friends who also have cess pits.


So if you find me less in your FB feed it maybe because I am not paying to find you. Instead, I am hanging about in IG land.

Are you there yet? If so head over and say hello.

IG User : Modernmummymayhem

While you are searching for others to follow, my hot tip is a young man who loves photographing my favourite location in the world.

Search on IG User : Givemethesky


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