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My Secret To Smoothing Out My Mummy Tummy

12 April, 2015

Back when my first daughter was only about a week old, Queen D came out to inspect his Royal Flock.

I don’t think he had ever touched a baby before and after observing her sleeping quietly in her cot, he turned to me and said ‘Well I am pleased to see you haven’t let yourself go, your guts has popped back perfectly.’

Whilst my eyeballs popped out of my head and it took every bone in my body not to want to rip that pretentious invisible crown from his head and ram it down his throat, I thanked him between my teeth.

The truth was, at 25 my body did bounce back pretty quickly and I didn’t have too much of a Mummy Tummy a week later despite just giving birth to a 9 lb 1 oz giant. (of whom I was convinced was going to sit up in the cot and start talking to me straight after delivery… yes she was that big.. but gorgeous.)

Then a second baby arrived a couple of years later and the Mummy Tummy took considerably longer to work off.  The stress of a divorce subsequently helped however.

Then I had 6 years of body bliss, where I could tell my body was different after kids, but it wasn’t something that caused me grief and made me try a 1000 sit ups a day.

Then I fell pregnant with Lil D and to put things politely, that pregnancy certainly pushed my Mummy Tummy out and proud and sometimes WAY over my jeans post partum…(not so proud)

It was almost Winter when I delivered that rowdy little boy and whilst my whole world felt like a shambles with his reflux, I was making every attempt to keep everything looking like I had my shit together.  I bought a stack of those breastfeeding singlets.  They kept me warm and made feeding him easily out in public, as nobody saw any skin.

Winter turned to summer and I still found myself wearing them because they made me feel more comfy in my clothes.  They seemed to keep my tummy in check a little.  Smoothed things out so to speak.

Months turned into years of wearing them as we breastfed for what seemed eternity.  28 months to be exact.  The child was an utter boob monster.  I continued wearing the singlets.  Once again they seemed to smooth out my tummy more. In a comfy way, not in a Spanx sort of way where the flab is sort of pushed into your guts and annoys the crap out of your liver and stuff.

To this very day, I still wear singlets, because I accept I have a Mummy Tummy and I don’t really care to go on a crazy diet and exercise to remove it.  I am almost 38, I am allowed to look like I have had 3 kids.  Because I have.  I just don’t need to show off the lumpy bumpy tummy that I have.

So my friends, SINGLETS.

Cheap ones, stretchy ones, sometimes they cost as little as $4, buy them in nude, black and white, wear them under t-shirts, business shirts, dresses,tuck them into your pants to smooth out the muffin top, whatevers …

Just get some and try it out.

It’s cheaper than lipo and will keep you warm this winter TO BOOT!

Some of my favourite singlets come from the Betty Basics range found at Birdnest.  A little more expensive than the elcheapos you can find at Target and Kmart BUT much better quality and will last you many seasons.


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  • Ness13 April, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    you have described me perfect lol! My first two little ones were both a lovely little size and being in my mid twenties I bounced back quickly. My two whopping boys were a whole other story! I was so big with them my stomach muscles seperated so badly I was referred to a physio once I gave birth and had to wear a stretchy bandage type thing from my upper ribs to my pelvis! I felt more secure and it sure sucked in my tummy! I also had to do a tonne of inner tummy tightening exercises but they didn’t help the tummy flab lol!

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs14 April, 2015 at 1:31 pm

      I think sometimes there isn’t much more to do than to accept our Mummy Tummy and work with that sucker! I think Mummy Tummy’s are just fine.. they are marks of all of our hard work x

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