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Natural Mosquito Protection With Para’Kito

3 November, 2014

A few weeks ago we were sent some Para’kito products to trial. Given that we are often visiting the beach, and we are coming into the season of BBQ’s and more outdoor fun, I was interested to see how they went.


Para’kito make bands and clips that provide a natural protection from mosquitos. The bands contain a pellet that is made from natural oils that when released into the air, help to mask the human scents that would otherwise attract loitering mosquitoes.

And they work. What I like mostly about the Para’kito bands and clips are that they are safe for children, babies and pregnant women. And for the rest of us .. there is no need to be rubbing harmful chemicals into our skin to prevent mosquito attacks.


Miss I, is an outdoors girl,  she actually loved the smell of her Para’Kito band.  Miss M has always been a favourite of the humble mozzie so has her’s nearby always even hanging on her bed at night.


I took the Para’Kito clip to trial.  Mainly so I could move it around to wherever we maybe having a mosquito issue.



I hung it from my handbag when we were wandering at the beach; the pram when we were walking at sunset, and our stroller to detract the flies one stinking hot day were out and about. Even though the Para’Kito is made specifically for mosquitos, the flies didn’t like the scent and seemed to steer clear.

If your family have problems with being a delicacy of your local mozzie clan, I highly recommend you investing in some Para’Kito products. There is just no need to be putting chemicals into your skin anymore!

You can purchase your own Para’Kito HERE or in selected pharmacies.



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