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Discovering The New Discovery Sport

1 June, 2015
new discovery sport

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As you know I have struggled with driving since that day when I become a crash test dummy in my SUV.  I was chatting to a friend the other day about if I would ever go back to driving a small car again (since I have now been driving a large SUV for about 4 years).  The answer was unequivocally NO.

I like how I sit up high and feel that I have a solid car around me, I love the space for all the kids and paraphernalia we carry around and most of all I like not feeling like a midget on our country roads that are often littered with big trucks and over grown kangaroos.

Mr MMM pretty much converted me over from small car to family SUV a few years back, with his beloved Land Rover Discovery.  The thing was a beast and he drove it around proudly giving the obligatory ‘Land Rover Wave’ to any other Land Rover passing by.  Sadly, we decided to sell this car and my small car to upgrade to a 7 seater SUV of another brand.

Secretly I know, Mr MMM desperately wants a Land Rover back in our carport and after seeing the New Discovery Sport, I have to agree!  You can check it out fully HERE.

My personal favourite features include :

* Hazard lights engaged under heavy breaking

* Auto locking and crash unlocking system

* 3 point seatbelt warning on all seats.

* 7 Seater with 8-way driver / 8-way passenger powered seats with electric lumbar

* Rear head restraints (last row of seats)

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