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My New World – Day 1 ‘The Boss Was Ok’

24 November, 2014
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I have decided to blog about this journey.  I am going to refer to it as My New World. Which is the name of the Pinterest board I created months ago as I started to carve out real plans to become my own boss.


My New World, because it is utter weirdness for me to be doing what I am doing.  I have always always been the employed.  The employee.  The one that is forever loyal and hardworking for everyone else.

I am going to blog about it because I am sure many of you are in my situation. You need to work and earn but your family need you more and that imbalance is absolutely screwing with your physical and emotional wellbeing.

You know you can’t have it all because you have tried.

And now you are at the point of change.  I am at this point and have been for some time.

So today was my first offical day with my new boss. Me.

I woke up early, but not as early as planned because I stayed up late last night preparing for the big day.


Day 1 – Sent this to Queen D and Lord Rice early.  We have a constant running conversation going.  I new this would kick start their Monday perfectly.  Turns out they completely ignored me.  I know it was just jealousy.  Pfft.

I had decided I would wear my gym clothes and as soon as I had a spare hour I would race out to the gym. I wasn’t meeting with anyone in person today so that worked, but i was prepared for an impromptu Skype session … You know the old newsreader trick.

I made contact with my current clients early and even fixed my Outlook which had been driving me BATTY.

I went through my hit list of small businesses and sent off some emails to some of them. (If by chance you received one … Please reply. I would really love to chat with you and let you know I am here to support you in establishing your online business voice. And hey .. My boss will be mighty impressed.)

I had one official sounding call (not) from someone trying to sell me advertising in a police magazine. The man sounded completely dodgy and pushy, so after his speil I told him I would have to chat with my boss about it and she can be a right right cow.

Must be that advertising in the Yellow Pages.  At least someone found me I guess.  Even if he was a dodge monster.  Actually .. he may have even sounded like a bad bikie.  Can I say that?  Do bikies have a particular voice?

Moving on.

Made myself lunch.  Gave myself a pat on the back for how fricking clever I was. Chicken breast and spicy pumpkin dip toast.   Mr MMM even sniffed it out and turned up.


Upside to working from home … make your own lunch elcheapo.

After finishing off one client’s About Us page, I kindly sent them a specially edited image of themselves. With moustaches.  It is with much love that The Content Queen aka Me works.  And therefore needs to share the goodness of her ideas with her clients.

Like moustaches.

Of course the clients loved it and are both considering Movemeber for next year.


Oh and I got my new front screen door. Excuse the blue towel.  It should be red carpet over the freshly oiled deck.


On we go with lots of positive productivity and I was absolutely over the moon when I was able to hit the gym for an hour and a half before doing the school run.  I had to pinch myself.  Who am I anymore?  At the gym in the daylight.  Watching You Tubes from my favourite people as I trotted along.

Post Gym Sorbet… Basically a can of fruit salad, ice and the Thermomix.


Then it was back to it for an other hour .. checking in of course.  Because the kids were home, there was a guinea pig inside.  My middle child may soon be called Guinea Pig Girl.


I did have small afternoon tea distractions though.  Poor little thing was suckered into FB quicker than I realised.  NB SMALL BUSINESSES.. You need FACEBOOK. There was much squealing when I put him back in his cage out the back.

Then before I shut up shop for the day, a newsletter was finished plus some promo images completed.

Now for a brief overview of how I am feeling :

1. No anxiety.

2. No feelings of being torn and rushed with work and the hubby and the kids.

3. Yes I feel like I worked harder today  than my average day at home, because I had to be organised, but where I have come from for almost 15 years now … that is fine.

4. Washing is all up to date – CRIPES

5. There was no headspins from chaos.

6. Nobody yelled at me for random unknown reasons.

7.  Those I spoke with used my name…GASP.

8. The electrician was running late so I kept texting him pictures of the wires he left hanging out my wall a week ago – so no my sense of humour is in tact along with a tad bit of passive aggression.

9. The gym session after lunch really cleared my mind.

1o. I am addicted to this thing and happy for the hard work to continue.

11.  All my thoughts seem to all go back to this thing.  My New World.

12. My boss needs to recognise when she is hormonal and roll her eyes at her hubby instead of going apeshit about missing ice-cream.

13. Coffee tastes great when sitting at your own desk with your own boss.

Until another day …



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  • Amber Pini9 December, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    So im just catching up on this blog after absence from the net. Loving the new venture and sorry to hear about your accident. accidents suck in a big way! But you will get through it all and add it to your list of things you have overcome that made you even greater! !!!…take a break and rest up then get back in that drivers seat and drive like a boss…seen as how youre now the boss and all:)

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs12 December, 2014 at 2:33 pm

      Lol …. I have missed you Amber 🙂 I will be back to the bossy thing soon. I am already getting shirty about not having a car. A week ago I actually considered letting my Husband have the money to buy a boat instead of me a car. Lucky I came to my senses on that one!

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