No Longer So Attached

28 May, 2012


Today was D Day for the D Man. First day of day care and clearly he hated it.
(pic above taken after I picked him up)

Very emotional was how his day was described by the group leader.

The photos of him and the other children told me the whole story .. He was miserable.

He barely ate, he barely slept and demanded to be carried all day.

So … We are on again for tomorrow.

Pretty sure the Group Leader will be having a Valium tonight to get over today and cope with tomorrow.

I really hoped this would go smoothly for us all…. It appears it may not.

I am sorry we didn’t have the village to help us care for him when he was younger… It has only really been me and he just isn’t used to being without me.

Fingers crossed things get better….

Mothers Guilt is going to plague me terribly otherwise.

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