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21 August, 2015
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I am always surprised when someone takes an impression of another individual and automatically perceives them to be a certain way or doing a certain thing or not doing enough.  Yahh deee yah daaa.

Whatever the case maybe, I have always wondered why some individuals see themselves so experienced in life that they can draw any sort of perception from what may only be snap shot of another persons life.  Not that person’s entire being.

There has been many jokes around here of late regarding the perception that I drink a lot.  I think it’s quite funny because in actual fact I drink more coffee than booze on any given day, and even more water than the pair of them put together.

But the proof is in the pudding isn’t it?

If I am out and about and there is social media being used, I may have a glass of something in my hand.  And in truth, it is probably booze.   And I also might be kicking up a riot on the dance floor .. but that doesn’t mean I have had a skin full.   That means I know how to have fun and dance really freaking badly.  Even more so lately, I also know exactly when to stop drinking because I have had enough and abusing my body isn’t really my thing.

Adding further irony to my not being such a big drinker, is my joining of the Goblet Girls fitness team, whereby we head to the gym once a week and indulge in our favourite past time of pissing off our PT by whinging and banging on about how we are hankering for a goblet of something to help us through the push ups.

Apparently the ONE TEQUILA, TWO TEQUILA, THREE TEQUILA …FLOOOOR was hilarious, but also suggestive that we weren’t able to get through a gym session with out a shot of our fav Mexican bebidas alcohólicas. Me bad again.

Also, the nicknaming ourselves after the characters in Absolutely Fabulous for the duration of this fitness experience hasn’t helped my case in particular.  Duh! (I will leave it up to you to guess which one I am out of Patsy and Edwina I am.)

Let’s not even go anywhere near the night last weekend when I announced I was giving up the booze entirely then thought I was ordering an ice tea.  I was actually ordering a Long Island Ice Tea. 😳

Damn you internet for making me look like a boozer instead of a fit-hot 38 year old something instead.

So these above excuses reasons are leading me to something.  They are leading me to something that has been sitting in my gut for a little while now and I do need to get it out….

As a blogger with a small but cosy little following of like minded individuals, I am also classed as an influencer.  Brands love influencers, and whilst I never work for a brand as an influencer without being completely upfront about it to you, I  feel I might be doing something rather under handed with my power in your company.

I think I am encouraging you to drink more alcohol than necessary via my happy little booze laden updates and whilst that may not be entirely the case, it could be true and that bothers me a whole lot.

A whole lot enough to say that I am going to limit the amount of social media surrounding my use of alcohol from now on.  I believe that by me showing my drinking habits even only once a week ,amplifies the idea that it really is ok to be drinking all the time.  And it isn’t.  I know this and thats why I don’t do it.

All of this does not change the fact that I love red wine and gin and I love being out with my favourite girlies laughing and having a couple of drinks from time to time.  I just don’t need to be advertising that as a lifestyle choice.  We all know its there and available to us if we do so fancy.

So there you go.  Perceptions.  Those very annoying things that may have made myself a better me and even a better you.  Who knows.

Please be warned though, I am very happy to be dropping the booze out of the tales of Mrs MMM but don’t get any fucking ideas that the Chuppa Chups,  Ben & Jerry’s or my cussing are going to be disappearing also.  Cause they will not.  Not ever ever.

Now hold onto your seats.  One of my Besties sent me this today because he is always up me of my swearing and in return I send him videos of myself littering every day sentences with all sorts of bad language.


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