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Pig The Pug By Aaron Blabey [Book Review]

2 August, 2014
Pig The Pug

Pig The Pug has become a favourite book of our’s, since it entered our house a month ago.  With great drawings that invoke much laughter, Pig The Pug’s storyline is one of great importance in our 3 year old son’s world where sharing depends on his mood.

Pig was a Pug

and I’m sorry to say,

he was greedy and selfish

in most every way ….

Pig is a rather greedy Pug dog who refuses to share his toys with his friend Trevor, a friendly little sausage dog.  Sadly, due to Pig’s selfishness he has an accident and is forced to share his toys with Trevor.  Giggles a plenty with this story by award winning author Aaron Blabey.




RRP : $16:99

Format : Hardcover

Ages : 3+

ISBN :978-1-74362477-7

NB : We were gifted a copy of this book from Scholastic.



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