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The Versatile Playsuit

25 October, 2014

Today, I want to discuss the Versatile Playsuit.  The investment item of this Summer.  The one thing that needs to be in your wardrobe STAT.

The story goes a little like this …


It’s a Monday night, I am sitting down with a beer (im classy) and my phone goes off.

Its Mrs MMM.

“I think I want to wear a black playsuit to footy presentation Friday night, Yah or Nah”

Definite YAH!

Told her to give me 15 minutes.

It took me half that to source her whole outfit for the night.


Now we all know Mrs MMM’s ambition to become Mrs Brownlow so I needed her to look the part.

When I go shopping I shop for an event in mind but also I look at the clothing and think “How many times will this be worn”.

Spending $150 on a dress that will only be worn once is not on. I have done that before and instantly regretted it. I was an idiot and bought an Alice Mcall dress which cost an arm and two toes (and that was on sale!), and only wore it once.

So with this in mind the outfit needed to be able to dress up the look up for a fancy awards night but also dress it down for something such as the school run or a shopping day.

Now to dress it up I think KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

Pick a colour, Mrs MMM already knew that she wanted black, so I headed straight to the Portmans website as there was a jumpsuit I had seen when I was in there a few days before.

For the accessories I went with a contrast colour. Gold. For something a bit more formal just stick with 2 colours. Simple, classy, Elegant.

Sadly, Mrs MMM wasn’t able to attend the Footy Presentation Dinner.   But let’s not let that get in the way of a fabulous story, as I know you will be seeing her wearing her jumpsuit soon.

 Look 1


~Hannah Playsuit – $89.95~Twisted Circle Necklet – $ 29.95~Cut Out Snake Cuff – $29.95~Hinge Solid Bar Belt – $34.95~Connor Black Heel – $99.95~Marc Jacobs enamel studs – $53.39~Claire Side Metal Clutch – $24.95~


Look 2






~Hannah Playsuit $89.95~Marc Jacobs enamel studs – $53.39~Good Luck Charm Necklace – $9.95~Beaded tassel wrist wear pack – $9.95~Two tone panama hat – $39.99~Leo Large Tote – $119.99~FRANKiE4 Georgie’s – $179.95~

For the daytime look I had two ideas and couldn’t pick which one, so here is both.

You all know Mrs MMM’s love of FRANKiE4 footwar and leopard print. So I had a look at the Kardashian Kollection bags on the Everme website and found her next bag. This look you could easily change into an arvo drinks session by teaming this look with the Julia sandal or Alix in both black or chestnut.

You can either buy these online on or look for a podiatrist that sells them, if you have private health they can be rebatable from a podiatrist.


Look Three 





~HannahPlaysuit $89.95~Denim Jacket – $52.99~Kardashian Kollection Keike oversized Clutch – $69.99~Enamel Hoop Earrings – $4.95~Good Luck Charm Necklace – $9.95~Beaded tassel wrist wear pack – $9.95Shoes – Lacoste The Marcell OFF – $129~Two tone panama hat – $39.99~

The other look I had in mind was a really simple style. Pretty much the same jewellery (Recycle!) Just wanted to add some sneakers. With a playsuit the only limitation is your imagination! You honestly can do anything with them and still look amazing!!

This is something I would wear on a day trip, somewhere you are going to be on your feet all day.

The jumpsuit is such a staple in any wardrobe and you can team it with anything!

If you have a playsuit, what do you pair it with? Orange?, rainbow colours? Or just all black?


Nat Xo

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