Poker Face

19 July, 2012

This post really should be written by Mr MMM.

However, seeing he would add his own artistic flare to the topic and a variety of inappropriate descriptives to boot I will write it myself seeing it is actually about me.

See, I always thought by keeping many of my thoughts, feelings and moods to myself I was actually doing that …keeping them to myself.

Seems not to be the case though.

While I was on maternity leave from my job a lovely young lady back filled me for most of it. She fitted in well it seems and that can be a tough ask in the environment I work in.

This week however conversation turned to the differences between the two of us. The main difference was Miss C always kept a poker face and never become visibly miffed with anything. Me on the other hand…well apparently I roll my eyes, stare or have a look of holy shit on my face as well as a few more I had better not mention here.

This isn’t saying that I ever openly mean to convey these feelings. It’s just the look on my face. I can’t help it…and I do worry others may fear the worst unnecessarily.

Over the days since this conversation I made a huge effort to wear my poker face.


So seeing dear Mr MMM is forever fearing the worst from the look on my face I thought I would write a list of some definitions to my facial expressions for him …so here goes.

Rolling eyes = (not as seductively as Ana Steele) = you are talking shit….

Blank stare = I am trying very hard to listen to you but it is by sufferance.

Hard Stare aka Death Stare = you must be freakin kidding…there is no way in hell.

No eye contact = I am taking the piss but if I look at you I will laugh and give it away.

Tears in my eyes half smirk on my lips = I am dying with laughter inside, probably at something you have just done…say labeling your very own jocks drawer. Mr MMM I am looking at you

Sour down-turned mouth = I am really ticked off with myself for ?? Anything.

Flustered with panic in my eyes = holy crap I am in sooo much trouble and I can’t dig fast enough.

The indescribable look – ask me in 3 days I have no idea myself and need some processing time.

Red cheeks, glazed stare = the bottle of wine maybe now empty.

So are you and open or closed book?

Clearly I am as open as all of those copies of 50 Shades at the moment…blah!

(pout picture courtesy of Pinterest … Couldn’t find a proper link sorry Ms Poker Face Model)

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