Family Mummy Mayhem

Porky The Potty Mouth Crime Busting Piggy

30 September, 2012


Yes I have a potty mouth.

The above picture is the swear jar that was introduced to me this morning by my darling family.

The irony that my swear jar is a flying pig hasn’t been lost on me… How frigging hilarious… How appropriate.

He is lovely and shiney though…I like him.

I shall name him…errrm..Porky…in honour of that highly inappropriate movie from the 80’s Porky’s, which my big cousins let me watch at a very very young age. (Mum screamed when she found out. Dad walked off quietly laughing.)

Porky The Potty Mouth Crime Busting Piggy he will be.

Monday’s are always a terrible day for my Potty Mouth so he may not be flying too well into the week..

So welcome to my world Porky…I will promise to show you a fabulous WTF SFU FO GF UMBFK time!!

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