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Profile Of A Killer Cat – Pepper aka Tom Yum * RIP DAVE AND DAZ *

24 March, 2013

It was this morning that I woke to the news my beloved Gay Budgies, Daz and Dave had been bludgeoned to death by our feline, Pepper (now named Tom Yum).

I was still feeling very under the weather when Mr MMM broke the news and the morning become very somber. All I was thankful for was that Daz and Dave didn’t end up being paraded on my bed in a similar fashion to the headless rat that my big fat old grey cat Nat did to me as a child.

Daz and Dave had lived with us for about a year and were lovers. Their expansive home consisted of neon swings,mirrors galore, baths and an amazing log to hide away in for privacy. They would sing and flutter about their home,making all around them happy.

Their kissing, canoodling and preening of each other was like watching young lovers not ashamed to show off their love for each other.

That was until Tom Yum had a surge of predator instinct overnight and clawed his way into their home.

Daz and Dave were found deceased under the trampoline. A crime scene was set up and it wasn’t long before the suspect returned to the scene.

Clearly, unaware of the enormity of his felony he came for a cuddle on my lap this afternoon. It was hard to forget that this affectionate loving kitty cat was actually a murderer and my beautiful budgies were his victims.

A cuddle and pat he may of gotten but he has also earned himself a trip to the vet for testicle removal and a whopping big cow bell for his neck.

I have also reminded him that the rule of the food chain would suggest I make him my Tom Yum dinner now.. lucky for him I am not Vietnamese but I do know someone that is …


RIP DAZ AND DAVE – May Heaven Offer You Disco Balls And Safety From Felines

And here I was hoping for quiet and uneventful Sunday to rest and recuperate. Instead, I have had to decide how best to break the double murder to Miss I and Miss M who have been away this weekend.

Ever had a cat who thought he was Leopard?

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  • Aunty Mogg24 March, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    Oh I love his new name – Tom Yum!
    My cat- Oscar -who made his entrance into the world under your careful supervision- is the laziest stalker – ducks landing in our back yard (we have a lake over the fence) are quite safe from him – unless the foolishly land within cats reach – he then pounces and at present I think his beak collection is 3! We’ve only lived here 7weeks!! I have spied on him & Maisie who can been seen to ‘herd’ the ducks! So I think the beak collection maybe a combined effort!

    • Mrs MMM25 March, 2013 at 5:01 pm

      Lol herd the ducks!! Those two are hilarious partners in crime. Maybe you have yourself a Peking Duck?

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