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Punked Up Tuna-Vege Bake

2 March, 2013

I think it is essential for every family to have stashed in the pantry the ingredients to throw together a fast and delicious meal for at least one night a week.  It  just makes it easy for the non-cooks of the family to help out when the main cook is out, tired or under the weather.

Being the main cook in our house, I put my hand up to being the least motivated to cook each Wednesday night, after being thrashed at work for the previous 3 days. These nights could quiet easily turn into takeaway nights but instead I keep everything I need for this Punked Up Vege Tuna Bake that can be slapped together easily.


1 x Bottle of Dolmio Tuna Bake Sauce

1 Large Can of Tuna (I prefer the tuna in oil..but spring water works nicely too)

2 cups of mixed frozen vege

1 x punnet of cherry tomatoes

2 Handfuls of Spinach Leaves

3 Cups of Bread Crumbs

1 Cup of Grated Cheese

1 x pack of spiral spaghetti


Boil pasta on the stove top in water until soft.

While pasta is cooking empty into a large serving dish the tuna.

Cut cherry tomatoes in half and throw into serving dish along with the spinach leaves.

Cook the frozen veggie in the microwave until steaming hot and then place into serving dish with other ingredients.

Once pasta is cooked, rinse in colander and then place in serving dish also.

Pour over the top of all ingredients the Dolmio Tuna Bake Sauce.

Stir through to incorporate sauce with the rest of the ingredients.

Sprinkle on top the bread crumbs and grated cheese.

Place in a 180 degree oven for about 20 mins. (now go and put your feet up and watch the news for a little)

Serve in big bowls and wait for the even bigger smiles!

The beauty of this recipe is the ability to change the veggie components to whatever you have in the fridge.   For a chunkier version make your own bread crumbs with wholemeal sliced bread and simply grate over the top of the dish.

You can replace the can of tuna with chopped cooked chicken breast for a change or if you aren’t a fan of tuna. 

The Dolmio Tuna Bake Sauce is a must for your pantry.  It makes the most delicious pasta bakes.




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