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26 January, 2013

I have a little admission to make regarding a few popular pics I have posted to Instagram lately…

I didn’t use the native iPhone camera app…and nor did I use 645 Pro (a usual fav of mine).

I used a new camera app called PureShot. This is the best camera app in App Store so far. I would also go as far as telling you to hide the iPhone native camera app and replace it with PureShot.

This app won’t do all the pretty things that Kitcam, Afterglow or Snapseed do. It has no films or filters. It simply takes your picture and instantly throws it into your Photos. And boy does it take a picture.

I have been playing with this app for about a week now and have been really impressed with it. Today has been pouring with rain and it has handled the low light conditions extremely well and still produces quiet a crisp image. Pureshot performs quickly and simply and so far has no issues with crashing.

For someone like me who prefers not to make setting changes and rather shoot in auto, it works perfectly well. However, if you do like to have more control over your picture…it easily allows for more manual shooting too. The screen isn’t cluttered up with options which adds to the ease of use. (Especially for a busy Mum who just needs to get the shot and get back to running behind the toddler)They are all tucked away under the Menu.

This is what iPhoneography.com wrote about PureShot …I have to totally agree with them. So far I really cannot fault it.

For $1.99 in App Store I don’t think you will regret the purchase and will so love me you will subscribe to this blog (hint hint)


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  • MultiBlogging Mum27 January, 2013 at 10:23 am

    Ok you have made me want to give it a go!!
    Heading to the app store on my iPhone to get it!!

    • Mrs MMM27 January, 2013 at 11:03 am

      Yes yes … You will be really happy with it I am sure 🙂

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