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Roast Pumpkin And Apple Soup

31 May, 2014

Last weekend we had my mate Amy and her little boys over for the day.  I like Amy.  Not only does she bring my baby god son for me to cuddle, her other little man to distract Lil D but she also brings yummo food.

Once she had in her bag of tricks jam drops and Lil D snuck off with them making an attempt on licking the jam out of every biscuit before we found him.  Gah ! Kids.  They save the best behaviour for visitors don’t they?

This time we were showered with this Roast Pumpkin and Apple Soup that Amy had made from  << Find Recipe Here.

During the week, Lil D become unwell and I had the day off work to care for him.  So what do all good Mum’s do in Winter when their kiddies are sick?  They make soup.

I roasted the veggies as per the recipe instructions in cumin, coriander, nutmeg and rosemary.  My kitchen smelt divine!  I will also never again roast vegetables without including one or two green apples.  Delicious.

Seeing I own a Thermomix, I whizzed the roasted vegetables into a soup at lightening speed.  Stirred through a little unsweetened greek yoghurt and served with grilled turkish bread.

Can I just also add, sitting in front of a wood fireplace eating this soup makes it taste even better 😉 .

Now off you go … get those veggies roasting!  The soup will keep well in an airtight container in the fridge for the working week.


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