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Ask Santa For One Of These ~ Rusk Miracurl Review

21 December, 2014
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A little while back I was sent a Rusk Miracurl to review. I reviewed it and even did you a great little video. Mr MMM had taken the noisiest child out so I could record the how to vid. It was soooo exciting.

Then after filming was complete and Mr MMM and the noisy one had returned I discovered I had something hanging out of my nose. From a distance on the video it looked like I needed a tissue for my nose but on closer inspection it was only a bit of fluff.

I dappled with the idea of just posting the review with the thing hanging out of my nose for some time. I consistently tried to find more time to record again however never managed to … that was until yesterday when I decided I was going to scrap the video idea for something less taxing.

A Flipagram!

See below.

Now, there are many reasons why I love the Rusk Miracurl. The main one is how it totally blew me away with being able to use it even on my shorter fine locks with no issues. In fact, it works perfectly on my hair.

Being that I am now a blonde lass, I do however take care not to over use the Miracurl. It does dry my hair out a little as do all heat appliances. But if I save my curls for special days, me and my hair are in love. (NB>  I always ensure to apply a protective treatment to my hair prior to curling.)

In my hair it only takes about 10 mins from start to end to complete the style I like. But remember I have fine hair, so there isn’t really much to do. Thicker hair would take longer. Also, I separate the curls after curling and give the style a shoooshhhh with hair spray for extra bounce. Because my type of fine hair doesn’t even bounce on it’s own. It requires encouragement albeit an entire can of hairspray.

Without a doubt, I would have never purchased a Miracurl for myself and being sent one to review has made me so grateful for the opportunity to try one.

AND that’s why I think you should ask Santa for one.  I am pretty darn certain after one day with such a fab gift .. you will never return to those other curling irons.  Which I might add risks burnt ears.  (yes that is another blog post entirely!)

NB. I was sent a Rusk Miracurl to review with no obligation to post about it. I have posted about it because it is just so darn awesome, you all need one.

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