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Is It A Safety or Sales Feature ?

17 December, 2014
Toyota Kluger Crash

Yesterday I received the phone call I was waiting on. The call from the Toyota representative that would tell me what the computer in my car told them about the car accident I was involved in. If you are new around here or just missed it you can read about it Here and Here.

I had already prepared myself for any outcome. I wanted to be able to listen hard to what was being said, because it is important to me to get to the bottom of this. Void of emotion. Either way.

The representative informed me that my car didn’t undergo the correct conditions for the side airbags to deploy, despite having a side impact at high speed.

I wasn’t surprised by the response. I had heard plenty about town that the local dealership had already made their assumptions of the accident, but I note none of them were out at the scene that day. Otherwise, they could have maybe helped my husband out a little. Maybe even picked up the CV joints left 60 metres up the road from where my car ended up.

I guess they have a brand to protect and jobs to ensure. But I have a family to protect and care for, and I was almost unable to do that.

Now, the fact remains the reason I upgraded our Mazda 3 to the Toyota Kluger was because I wanted the side airbags. The Mazda had been written off when an unlicensed driver pulled out onto the D’Agular Highway near Woodford 2 years ago. Interestingly, we had a side impact, no side airbags but the front airbags deployed. Yes, we had bruising and burns but we were all conscious and able to get out of the car.

Now, I don’t know if this is just me, maybe you will agree, maybe you won’t, but when you research a new car (in particular when you are a Mum) you put safety standards up there on the list don’t you?

Well, I did. Even the negative reviews of the Kluger being a gas guzzler didn’t phase me. I wanted my children as safe as possible.

At the time, I think the Kluger had a 5 Star ANCAP rating. Little did I understand the conditions my car would need to be under to be able to have these safety features deploy however.

But who does other than those that work in the industry?

I note that a few opinionated men arrived on my Facebook page last night, and I am glad they did.  They enlightened many of us to facts that are often over looked when we are purchase our cars.

So I thank you Gentleman for bringing to our attention the huge failure of the car industry in educating people about the safety features of their cars.

Right now, I feel that as consumers (that aren’t car enthusiasts) we are suckers.

They say 5 star safety and we pay their exorbitant prices.  All in the facade of Safety.

I certainly feel I wasted about $30000 tonight. A $20000 car would have possibly served me the same if not better on the day of my accident.

So .. I question right here, right now these points:

1. The ANCAP Safety Ratings. (Being a crash test dummy for Toyota has made me feel their testing could be floored.)

2. The pressure insurance companies put on car companies to keep air bags from deploying in accidents where the car MAY NOT BE WRITTEN OFF.


3. The fact that other Countries have the conditions on air bags set to a lower impact setting in the event of impact.

I don’t mean this post or anything that has happened to me to affect your decision making on the brand of car you buy. As a few have pointed out, I wasn’t killed. Unlucky for many that is though. Because I am here to picket this. To question on your behalf too.

I simply want to question if the safety features of the car you maybe purchasing or own are the sort of safety features that will not only save your life but limit injury OR are simply a sales feature used to sell more cars at a higher price.





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