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Working From Home And Saving On Car Insurance [Sponsored]

8 October, 2014

There are lots of reasons why working from home saves you money. The most obvious is probably the no transport that saves you with your car usage.

Here’re a few more reasons to be jealous of those who work from home:

It saves you Petrol

A gas guzzler sitting in your carport rather than stuck in traffic is saving you cash big time. You see how expensive petrol is these days? Geez! You feel like you need to sell off your own Grandma Mavis just to pay for a full tank of petrol! (The more concerning point might instead be who is buying Grandmas?)

But I digress..
Not doing the daily commute can save you so much money. It costs me about $50 per week to drive my car. If I only use it for personal use rather than driving to work, it would cost me about $14.
Massive difference. That’s a saving of $1872 per year.

Make a saving on Car Insurance

Not driving your car so much? Find a cheap Car Insurance company that decreases your costs if you don’t use your car as much.
Youi car insurance can save you 29% if you work from home. Cheap car insurance! It’s especially good when you feel like registration is a stress to pay already (and you’ve run out of Grandmas to sell).

Cheap Food

It’s harder to visit cafes, location-wise and with workmates peer pressure. Those cafes suck your money out of your pockets fast, especially with their tempting cupcakes and alluring aroma of morning coffees. Gah!
Having a fridge full of groceries is so much cheaper than a lunch time counter meals you might be getting.

Although, I’d probably eat more with easy access to my fridge. I guess, it only works if you have better self-control than I would! hehehe good luck..

It’s good for your mind and body.

An early rise to beat the traffic can have a snowball effect. You’re more tired and less productive, especially after the hustle and bustle through peak hour traffic.
You have a boss nagging you for the McKowski file, face to face, which doesn’t help. Also, Bruce (the 50 something, overweight chain smoker) has shifted desks closer to yours and smells like cigarettes and body odour similar to Senior Citizen gym socks.
You take days off to relieve stress where you could have instead worked from home, rocking up late and in the comfort of your own home, less stressed out.
Ok sure, I’m being slightly absurd, but time does equal money and nothing beats living and working how you want and where you want to help keep your mind healthy.

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  • Mogg9 October, 2014 at 6:21 am

    That was great Toby and oh so true! I ‘work’ actually an currently studying from home so I can eventually work again but from home! Alas Toby you forgot to mention THE most important fact – you can rock up to work sans hair coiffed & makeup perfectly & precisely applied and you can wear your saggy PJ’s all day! Thus saving heaps of cash on hair appts (if you choose), make up & work clothes! Most days you can find me still with bed hair, never make up & possibly PJ’s at 5pm! There’s nothing more comfy than studying/working in your pj’s!

  • Tre24 October, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    I’ve been working from home for two years. Have to do the hair and makeup because of Skype. Save tons of cash, but sometimes it would be nice to get out of the house.
    Tre recently posted…Leasing Commercial SpaceMy Profile

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