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School Book Shopping Induced Alcoholism

17 January, 2013


School book shopping.

Need I say anymore?  I thought I had picked the right moment in time to commence the 2013 school book shop.  Everyone was slept, fed and watered.  Big W wasn’t chaos from the outside looking in and even better was the fact that it appeared that the stationery section wasn’t full of mad women fighting over the last pink highlighter.

I had forgotten that I owned a toddler who hated sitting in his stroller for longer than 10 seconds.

In forgetting this, I let him out when he started to complain.

He thus went on to place in our basket all the things he required for 2013.  Masking tape, tape dispenser, calculator, pens, pens pens, glue, glue glue.  I was oblivious to his spree as my nose was in the two bits of paper that dictated all the bits and pieces we needed to see us in everyone’s good books at the new school.  After about 5 minutes of going up and down the aisles…backwards and forwards and all over the fecking shop.  I gave in.   Headed to the checkout and begged the young girl to get me out of there snappy.

It was at this point I realised we were purchasing the Masking tape x 10, tape dispenser, calculator, pens, pens pens, glue, glue glue.  Hang on a minute…I asked her to remove all of Lil D’s loot and leave us only purchasing some pencils and a few books and folders off the list.

Leaving Big W, I almost burst into tears at the thought of entering a stationery store to find the remainder of the supplies.  Lil D in a locally owned smallish stationery store…FECK.

It was a danger I should of left for the next day, but I was already a mess having ruined this day so why not make a good job of it?  Female logic.

I was politely surprised.

I was met at the door by the most lovely lady, with the toddler on my hip, lists in my hands and Miss I freaking out about what was about to unravel once the toddler wanted to get down.


Holy snapping duck shite.  The woman was suddenly my saviour, my hero…she deserved a medal.

We were out of that store in under 10 mins. Lil D didn’t leave my hip.We also got some sweet little discount too.Can you believe that? .  Can I also say that a box of 20 Faber Castle HB pencils cost me $5 and not the $10 Big W wanted.

So moral of the story…

Find your locally owned stationery store.  Give them your list.  Not only will you save your sanity, you will save your $$$ too.

SMS’s to and from Mr MMM throughout the drama.












Note how he remains calm throughout my whole neurotic meltdown. Gosh I love him…almost as much as the stationery shop lady.  Actually …maybe more because he shares his beers with me 😉

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  • Aunty Mogg18 January, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Where’s Aunty Mogg for shopping when you need her? Lol brought back memories!!!

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