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Smart Shoes For Kids by Vivobarefoot

31 July, 2014

Vivobarefoot Shoes Australia and NZ recently gave Lil D a pair of their kids Ultra shoes to trial. I have been pretty keen to get this post written to share with you just how great I think this range of shoes are.

Before I tell you about why I love them though, I want you to watch the below video by Podiatrist, Ashley Mahoney.  This will help you understand more about your children’s feet and how to make great shoe choices for them.


Why we love the Vivobarefoot Kids, Ultra :

* made from soft, durable materials.

* light weight and easy cleaned.

* easy for Lil D to put on and take off himself (side velcro fastener helps to maintain foot placement in the shoe).

* they are amphibious so great for the beach where the odd bit of splash and paddle happens, the sandpit or park.

* protection from the environment without inhibiting growth of the foot.

* great ventilation for those kids that complain of hot feet or hate wearing shoes all together! (yes we have our moments of this .. usually when the concrete outside is almost 40 degrees.)


PicMonkey Collage



VIVOBAREFOOT are the original barefoot shoe and was first introduced in 2003. With innovation at the core of our brand, we’ve expanded to offer the largest range of barefoot shoes on the market; One of our main focus areas is to increase awareness of the importance of choosing the correct footwear for children, this is because a child’s foot is not fully formed until late teenage years (the bones are soft and malleable). ‘Any’ interference with natural foot development (such as non-foot shaped shoes, arch support, rigid materials and padded pitch) will deform the natural shape of the foot. A strong healthy foot is a natural one and is the foundation of healthy movement, this is why we have a fantastic range of kids shoes for School, Play and everything in between.

Other kids shoes in the Vivobarefoot range include :




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