Dealing With Split Families and Mediation

19 February, 2015

I was unsure what to write about this month.

We are all back to school and work after the festive season and school holidays. All back into the regular routine of everyday life.

So I figure I’d discuss what is happening at the moment for my family, and a subject close to my heart.

Split families and mediation.

This tends to be a tricky situation for all involved, and I’m sure no 2 circumstances are the same. Without getting into specifics or naming names, I can give you a little insight into my situation.

For me it involves a terrible lack of communication from one party. And what communication there has been in the past usually consists of hostility, ill-feelings and often name calling.

This is really disappointing, as I thought that 2 adults could put personal feelings aside and be grown up about children’s issues.

Unfortunately time has not helped, and things progress (4 years later) without improvement. It makes me quite sad too, because now I really try to avoid communicating with the other party unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I am about to embark on a second round of mediation which I am not looking forward to at all.

Despite having parenting orders through the courts, I am sceptical that this mediation will be of any help. Things may improve for a time, but I have no doubts that I will be back where I am before the year ends.

My latest drama involves providing documentation to the high school to prove that I am my son’s mother, as his father neglected to put me down on the enrolment forms. Seriously?

I am certain there are worse cases than mine, and I suppose I have to be thankful for small mercies. It just gets so draining at times and serves no purpose. Least of all is it helpful in raising my children.

I know that there are plenty of resources available to give ideas and insights into making split families work, but how do you change someone else’s behaviours?

Anyone else have these kinds of issues?

Any suggestions?

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