Just A Spontaneous Sorta Girl

26 July, 2013

Do you ever really know what you are going to get when you open up a post from me?

No me either. Well I never really really know what I am going to blog about it until 10 seconds before I start.

I am just a spontaneous sorta gal I guess.

Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim asked this week on this blog post, ‘what’s your blogging style?’

I know I can be quiet daft at times but I hadn’t thought about it. I just cannot sit down and write about anything. I need inspiration and for inspiration to occur I need to get out and live life a lot. Luckily my family all have loads of personality and finding post inspiration in their antics can be quiet hilarious and just a tad exciting.

So where am I going with this post you wonder? Yes so do I.

You see sitting next to me as I write is this ….




I have 5 more piles down in the laundry. One hung on the line and two baskets of clean washing on the bed ready for folding. My house looks like a shit tip. But my kitchen is clean.

It all could be a little overwhelming really. Once upon a time it was. It would reduce me to tears.

Then I gained this ‘screw it’ attitude. I lost the need to be all organised and a slave to the chores.

So with that ‘screw it’ attitude today…I am packing our shit together and throwing it in the car and we are heading to the beach this afternoon.

Our weekends at our accomodation up in Hervey Bay are numbered. You see Mr MMM’s parents play the Grey Nomad game through winter every year so we get to look after their house. Mr MMM gets the feeling they are going to be heading home soon, and our humble abode by the seaside will return to their possession. And lets face it…I have yet to find a love for my MIL so visiting when she returns isn’t as relaxing (I am considering buying both of us matching broomsticks for Christmas this year however so we can bond over a have a common hobby).

We could stay home and sort out our house. We could stay home and I could argue with the kids about tidying their rooms and not walking grass through the house. We could stay home and save some $$$ on fuel. We could stay home and ensure we are all ready for the next working week.


Life is short. Tomorrow is not a promise. The sun is shining. It is a bit chilly here in Kingaroy. Not so chilly in Hervey Bay.

So…we are off to make some family memories together. I won’t remember how tidy my house was from 2.15pm -2.30pm on the 27th of July 2013, but I will remember how we hit the beach for some family fun.

And yes I will blog about some of the shit that happens. Cause that’s how I roll.

You know you could do this too if you wanted… just ‘screw it’ all and choose family over everything this weekend. Even if you can’t leave home… you could still just choose them over it all.

Just sayin.



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