Standing Up and Speaking Out

30 July, 2012

Last week I did something for someone I love dearly that I rarely even do for myself.

I stood up for them.

I had had enough. I had watched this person for too long be abused and put down by the mouth of nothing more than a power tripper.

I have stood back and watched while the one I care for has slowly lost confidence,enthusiasm and happiness in life over the last couple of years.

I know this person I care for to be dedicated and amazing if given an opportunity…but it seems that the only opportunity they are given is deliberate set ups to fail.

It really hurts. It hurts to see this and have no power to stop it.

Last week however, in a fit of emotion I spoke out.

Maybe not in the rational and calm way I would of liked, however it is done now and I can’t take it back.

Somebody needed to know what the actions of another is doing to this person I adore, before this person really did disappear under a dark cloud.

I am not sure if my words were really heard or whether or not I simply received lip service back but if it did nothing else, it made the person that I love and adore see that even though it seems nobody believes in him anymore..I do and always will.

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