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Style Tips For Your Nursery

18 June, 2015

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Styling your nursery is an exciting project, one that helps you celebrate and welcome your new addition with a touch of finesse and fun. Not only is a nursery a place of beauty for your young child, it should also be practical as well. Follow these five practical tips to style your nursery.

1. Consider your flooring

As you go about creating a new world of wonder for your baby, remember that the nursery is a room where you will spend a fair amount of time (often in the middle of the night). This will also be a room where your child will play, spending time rolling on the floor and getting to know the workings of their various limbs as they learn to crawl. It is important that you consider your flooring. Carpet is definitely the kindest option for children learning to roll, crawl, and negotiate the finer aspects of toddling. Carpet also insulates the room against noise as well as cold or heat. Carpet specialist Stainmaster AU has some great tools available—including an online carpet cost calculator—and a huge range of stain-resistant carpets. Click here to check out their range and find the carpeting that most suits your style and requirements.

2. Keep it flexible

While this room may initially function as a nursery, it will likely later be your child’s bedroom; instead of decking out the whole room in pink and cutesy style, instead keep your major items subtle and add highlights to the room (such as bedding, cushions and artwork) that can be easily changes at a later date. For example, by painting the room a fairly neutral colour, you can add colour to the nursery with items such as wall stickers that can be removed or changed to suit the interests of your growing child. The same goes for wall hangings, pictures, cushions and soft furnishings.

3. Take some comfort

A nursery should be a room that is comfortable for your child and for you as well. A comfy chair that allows you to feed your child is a must. Ensure change tables are at a height where you can undertake nappy changes without hurting your back. Also consider the practicality of your setup, ensuring you have a place near the change table to store nappies, wipes and creams.

4. Chose your furniture wisely

While it’s tempting to go out and spend big on all the latest bedding items and options, your money is far better spent on a solid cot that can grow with your child. Keep in mind that you will be reaching into the cot time and again so adjustable mattress or legs are a necessity. It’s also worth weighing up whether a cot that converts to a toddler bed would best suit your needs.

5. Storage

They may be little, but babies take up a surprising amount of space in terms of clothing, toys and paraphernalia. Look for storage items like chests of drawers, cupboard shelving and toy boxes where items are kept within practical reach but can be quickly tidied away.

Designing the nursery is the first opportunity parents have to really welcome their new addition into their lives; it’s a place decorated with love. By ensuring you have comfort and practicality covered, your nursery will be a room where you will enjoy spending time with your child.

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