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Why You May Not Be Seeing Me In Your Facebook News Feed

3 May, 2013

If you follow me on Facebook you may of noticed this week I have thrown out a couple of posts urging you to subscribe to the blog. I hope I haven’t sounded pushy. This isn’t my intention.

Over the last few weeks I have watched as my Facebook page and other business pages disappear completely from Likers newsfeeds. I was of the belief that if I engaged with a page I would continue to see them in my news feeds. Not the case today I believe. One business (which I love!) has disappeared completely from my MMM newsfeed. Big saddness here. I can still see it on my personal page though, which is rather odd.

Whilst commenting and liking posts on pages does help to push the reach of the post into more news feeds it still does not mean it will reach everyone. You may or may not know this, but this is because Facebook wants page owners to start paying for posts to be placed into newsfeeds. I for one would rather pay a yearly subscription to Facebook based on the amount of likers on my Facebook page, which would ensure you all receive my posts than constantly paying for posts. (Which I rarely do)

I spoke with the PR person of a company I am about to start working with this morning and his comments where that Facebook is becoming ridicioulsly expensive for the ultimate ROI (return on investment). I discussed with him the use of Instagram and Twitter in promoting posts as they were still free and had more certainty of being seen by followers. He agreed with me.

My advice to owners of Facebook pages that do not have a website, is to simply get one! Even if it is a freebie from Blogger or WordPress. Get yourself out there and be found in search engines. You have wonderful products, pictures and content that you are sharing on Facebook and can quiet easily be plonked into a website. OR, link up with a blogger whose readership will love your product. See if you can do some sponsored posts. Just a thought :). I personally love working with small businesses, especially a SAHM.

Further to this, I have asked the advice of an experienced blogger this morning and my sort of Mentor (I hope she doesn’t mind that I refer to her like this) on how to convert Likers to Subscribers of websites. I await her knowledge and experience. Until then I hope this post finds you all and you consider subscribing to your favourite blogs/businesses instead of just engaging with them on Facebook thus ensuring you have some inbox love when their posts/newsletters go out..

Incidentally, the majority of bloggers work for little or for the love of it so go on … do it! It really does make our day seeing a new subscriber 🙂

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