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13 January, 2016

You may have been wondering where I have been this year …

Maybe you hadn’t heard that I had decided to focus blogging efforts on something a little different, a new space for me. A place very different to Modern Mummy Mayhem.

I had started to resent the feeling that I was under the Mummy Blogger umbrella and as much as I know I have touched many hearts via this blog, being a Mum is such a small part of the woman that I am.

Sooooo, I am now over at The Daily Recovery.  A place where I blog about lots of awesome life stuff but mostly where I write about quitting my job and going it alone, as an entrepreneur so to speak.  There is lots of confidence and stories of how I am doing this work for myself and from home gig stuff coming over there and maybe still that bad humour I had here.  I am also looking to do weekly interviews with people that have an amazing story to tell .. so whatever that could be drop me a line please!

Other places you can find The Daily Recovery include :

Instagram :

Facebook :

I will keep MMM going and share things I know you will love.  I still have some brand partnerships that will continue also.  This space just wont be my focus.  So please please please .. come on over to The Daily Recovery .. your fix for yesterday.



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