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The Day People Thought I Was Putting Lube On My Face

23 August, 2015

Yesterday I posted the above image to the MMM Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles.  I did so very very excited that I had found a product that had actually worked for my skin and the disgusting acne that I had been putting up with for the last 6 months had packed up camp and VANISHED.

In posting this image it came to light very quickly that not only am I a joker and deviate at times … so are my followers. Only this time I completely missed the humour in the situation.  Some of my darling followers (born from the same crazy pot as me it seems) thought that I was putting lube on my face to heal my acne.  Because of course that’s what you think when you see small sealed packages like the ones I was showing off above.  OF COURSE.

Let’s face it .. if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have totally thought the same.  However I was all caught up in how awesome the product had been for me than that it was housed in the small sealed lube like packages and as a result didn’t realise what it all looked like.


All jokes aside now, this stuff is the bomb.  The Luminescence Serium by Jeunesse is amazing and by day 3 of my 7 day trial my zits were clearing faster than 15 buck bikini’s at the Miss Shops Boxing Day sales.  TRUE STORY.

Not only was my bad skin vanishing my usual reddish complexion was improving.  Well hello lube looking liquid AMAZING.

I emailed Angela, the lady that had sent me my trial pack of Luminescence and told her she was onto a winner AND asked where I could get a semi trailer load delivered.

I love the Luminescence Serium so much I have signed up…and you can too if you like. Simply follow the link below :

I am really kicking myself that I didn’t take before and after shots of my skin.  As the improvement is ridiculous.  I am even tempted to have a no makeup day very soon.  Not yet .. but almost there.

So there you have it.  The day my people thought i was using personal lubricant as my go to miracle  for middle aged acne.  Now I know I am crazy .. I don’t deny that .. but lube is possibly something I draw a line at having on my face, along with a couple of other liquids.





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