The George Foreman Mix & Go Review

17 April, 2015

Now, we all know I love a fresh smoothie.

The green type mostly .   I find the weeks I don’t take the time to make them are the weeks I feel a little lethargic and turn to sugar for hits.  Those weeks tend to be when I am travelling for work and staying in hotels or away with the family on a break.    You see packing the Thermomix seems a little OTT just for daily smoothies.

I was sent a George Foreman Mix & Go to review a few weeks ago and have been impressed with its blending power (for a light weight blender) and portability.  Meaning, if you’re inclined to take a blender away with you when not at home for smoothies etc, I do believe this is the blender for you.  It could also be the blender for you if you have limited kitchen storage and bench space.

Reasons :

* Lightweight and compact.  Easily fits in the smallest of suitcases.

* Drink Bottles fit directly onto blender to blend up contents.  When finished place lid on the drink bottle to go.

* Little cleaning.

* Non stick rubber feet for stability.

*Ability to crush ice and blend nuts.

PicMonkey Collage


Now if you’re curious as to how you would handle gathering ingredients for green smoothies while travelling.  This is my hot tip.


Grab yourself some Swisse Leafy Greens Superfood powder in a resealable bag and pick up a couple of pieces of fresh fruit each day.  An apple, banana, pear … whatever is in season and takes your fancy and blend them up in the Mix and Go with the Swisse Leafy Greens.  Easy.





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