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The Goblet Girls Educate Their PT

22 July, 2015

As I have spoken of prior, The Goblet Girls have entered themselves into a fitness challenge at our local gym.  It is an absolute wonder of the universe that we have committed to this, because it involves something we all at times find repulsive…FITNESS.

After a couple of warm up events in the previous weeks, last night we had our very first Personal Training session with PT Devon at Zarly Anne’s Gym. I was expecting a bit of a grumpy hard arse PT to be honest.  Only because I have never had a PT before and just imagined they were all hollering combat style individuals, put on this earth to slaughter you into reaching your fitness goals or imminent near death.  Either or.  But he wasn’t.  He was mild mannered and really did go easy on our lazy arses.  There was only one gentle suggestion that if I lost count during my crunches I had to start again.  This genteel nature may or may not change with him over the coming weeks.  I will keep an eye on it, and start counting in profanities  if anything changes.  Mainly so I do not need submit myself to any more pain than absolutely necessary.

I have to give Kat (The Original Goblet Girl) and the other two gorgeous ladies a big pat on the back though. They were absolutely focussed during our thirty minute session.  I on the other hand were a little anxious about harming my already painful neck and back from the Toyota Test Crash Dummy Day.  So in my defence, this was my excuse for my slight lack of commitment.  Maybe not the swearing though.  And also maybe for the fact I totally sucked at listening to instructions and therefore become absolutely gob smacked when I only caught half of the comment ‘just think you have something sitting on your hips and just thrust it off you..’ during the kettle bell thrust exercise.  You say wha???

Now, on reflection of our first Goblet Girls PT Session, I have come up with these very fabulous and ‘on theme’ fitness motivational ideas for PT Devon.

They are as follows:

* SPRINTS When doing sprints, a large glass of vino should be placed at the finish line.  Instead of doing sprints individually, we all race each other to the end and the winner gets the refreshment.  This would absolutely motivate me to hit the turbo deep within.  And I possibly also speak for the other ladies on this also.

* Push-ups/Planks involve having a glass of bubbly and a straw placed in front of us.  With each push up/plank a sip on the straw is required.  First person to finish their glass WINS.  I saw a video of a very fit lady on Facebook today doing this.  Her physic completely confirmed that this technique is a success.

* Skipping/Star Jumps done whilst listing the ingredients of a margarita, sangria or a bloody mary.  (there is a fruit/vege content in all of these suckers, so this would absolutely meet healthy eating requirements)  For an element of difficulty, this could be sung or rapped.

* Warm down/Stretching to be done en-route to the fermented potato juice bar around the corner.

Any other ideas for us peeps?  Happy for suggestions to be put forward in the comments section of this post.  I will then forward them onto PT Devon.  I am pretty sure this will earn us Goblet Girls extra points for thought and commitment.


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  • Kat22 July, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    Once this fitness challenge is over, doneski, dusted and totally slammed – by us, naturally – I’m appointing you as my new PT. that program you just designed has GG written all over it!

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