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Taking The Country Kids To The KFC T20 Big Bash

14 January, 2015
the gabba big bash


So last Sunday night we were guests of Cricket Australia at the Brisbane Heat v’s Sydney Sixes KFC T20 Big Bash match.

Yes you heard that right.  We were very kindly given tickets to go to the match so that we could tell you all about it.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram .. you will already know all this and possibly almost blocked me for all of my cricket spam.  (I had no idea a live cricket match was so much fun…apologies)


big bash the gabba

 Here we all are waiting for the match to start.  Smug little country monkeys don’t you think?

You will note Mr MMM and Lil D’s absence.  One was on call and not able to attend and the other one announced he didn’t want to go so his ticket was passed on to our mate Paddy, who incidentally loves cricket.  Almost as much as those two girls he is sitting with.  Yes my daughters love cricket.

They love cricket so much they were updating us frequently on the 2.5hr journey to Brisbane that day, just how many hours and minutes there were until the match started.

Little did I know that they had all downloaded the T20 Big Bash app to their phones which counts down until the next match.


 These country kids are not behind the 8 ball let me assure you.

There was a crowd of 28,724 people at The Gabba with us and the atmosphere was absolutely electric.  I had never experienced the Mexican Wave either … until that night.

Wow !  Check this out..


Mr MMM really did miss out!  But was watching at home and messaging us at every opportunity.  Of course most of the time we were too busy mexican waving or clapping to reply.

In all honesty, as much as the kids love watching the cricket at home, I have never considered taking them to a match.   I don’t think they will ever let me get away with this in the future.  They are hooked and have plans to head back to The Gabba next summer now, seeing our team The Brisbane Heat have been knocked out after 4 straight losses. BUMMER.


 Quote of the evening from these 3 …

I have never been to The Gabba before ~ Paddy

 Me either ~ Miss I

Me either ~ Miss M


If by chance you are considering going to a cricket match at The Gabba, and need somewhere close to stay, I can recommend Hotel Chino on O’Keefe Street Wooloongabba.  (not sponsored just a great place to stay)  Affordable, comfy, free parking and close The Gabba.

Big thanks to Cricket Australia for showering us with tickets and merchandise for this match.  It really was the highlight of the Summer School Holidays for these country kids.


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